10 Essential Accessories for Fall

One more summer has come to an end and it is time for some refreshment in our closets. Are you and your wardrobe ready for this? Have you thought about what is the chicest way for keeping yourself warm during the coldness which is slowly coming? How to be wrapped up but also look fabulous? Do you really have to balance between style and comfort? The answer is no. This fall you can have it all.

Sweater dress and leather jacket

Clothing by Zara

Number 1: The leather jacket

Come on, everyone has to have at least one decent leather jacket in their wardrobe. Simply, it is like a little black dress of jackets. The greatest thing about them is that they instantly add edginess to any outfit and it becomes ultra-modern. For example, take any basic daily combination, like ripped jeans and a white T-shirt, put a leather jacket on top and voila – you became a sexy biker chick in a few seconds.

Number 2: Over-the-knee boots

Ah, the holy grail of footwear trends lately. These super sexy, trendy boots look just fabulous on any combination there is. You can match them with dresses, skirts and even jeans. The variation of colours is huge. Basically you can find them in any colour, from nude, over red, green or navy blue, all the way to black. One thing is certain – if you want to be noticed, get yourself a pair of these beauties.

Over knee and angle boots

Boots by Zara

Number 3: Sweater dresses

The chicest way of all to wear knits. They can be elegant, but they can also be an everyday outfit; it all depends on your choice of accessories and footwear. You can wear them with anything, from sneakers to boots, and you will always have a unique and universal look.

Number 4: Ankle boots

They are simple, they are cute and they are universal. They can be really elegant but also super sexy from time to time, depending on what you are combining them with. You can wear them with jeans, but also with skirts and dresses, and besides their great look, they are also super comfortable and made for owning the busy city streets.

Number 5: Blanket wrap scarfs

Such a beautiful and effortless accessory to any winter combination. The main rule here is: the bigger, the better. There are really many ways to style them: you can wrap them around yourself multiple times, you can wrap them just around your neck, you can use them like a cloak etc. The possibilities are countless and no matter how you choose to wear them, you will always look fabulous.

Blanket scarf and Fedora

Accessories by Asos

Number 6: Fedoras

No, it is not just a spring or a beekeeper accessory. It is very trendy and popular right now actually. A fedora is a great way to keep you warm and stylish at the same time, and thanks to all the variety in colours and designs, it will surely put any outfit together.

Number 7: Faux fur

The faux part is very important here. First, there are more designs and they look more fashionable, and second, it is always trendy and cool to care about animals. It is elegant and luxurious and it will keep you warm like nothing else. You can wear it on a colour-block coat or a leather jacket, or you can just put it over your shirt or blouse for that dramatic effect.


Jewelry by 7 Charming Sisters

Number 8: Jewelry

In this area you have all the freedom you want. Pearls, colourful statement rings, vintage necklaces with zircons, gems and crystals, always trendy and eye-catching statement earrings, and guess what, even chokers are back! Feel free to experiment and try different kinds of jewelry. Just make sure that you don’t overdo it and make yourself look like a hippie.

Number 9: Classic satchels

Finally, simple and sophisticated accessories are back again. Since the fall is not the time for crazy colourful accessories, you have to get yourself one of these. The best thing is that it goes fabulously with your office combinations, but also with everyday and night-out combinations as well.

Number 10: Animal printed scarfs

It is known that animal print is always trendy (when used discretely) because it adds that special note of wildness into simple looks. Even if you are wearing a basic tee with jeans or skinny black trousers, a printed scarf will refresh your look and complete it.

So there you have it, 10 accessories that you need to have if you consider yourself a true fashionista. Get ready to own those streets like they are your own cat walks.

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