10 Items Every Woman’s Wardrobe Needs

How’s it possible that women always have too much clothes in their wardrobe, but never anything to wear? Well, in order to finally resolve this mystery, we’ve decided to compile the ultimate list of the essential items that every woman’s wardrobe needs. The list includes garments for different kinds of events, situations and settings and we assure you that with these 10 items, you’ll always be prepared for any occasion.


A Black Blazer

Every woman who’s employed in a company with a strict dress code knows how handy it is having a black blazer at hand. This garment isn’t reserved solely for working women though, but for all women that need that one cover-up item when it’s too cold for just a shirt and too hot for that heavy coat. The black blazer is an indispensable item in every wardrobe for apparent reasons and it’s a great fit for both formal and casual settings.

A Statement Bag

What is a woman without a statement bag? Let’s face it, an item which stores all your valuables and, at the same time, counts as a great accessory and statement piece is definitely something you need in your closet. And don’t be modest when picking the colour; the era of old-fashioned, regular black handbags is long gone and now it’s time for bright colors and bold patterns to take over.


Black Pumps

You can have as many styles of shoes your heart desires, but there’s only one style that you actually need, and that’s the classic black pump. Wear it to a business meeting, for an afternoon coffee with you girlfriends or at the night on the town – and you won’t make a mistake.

Comfy Footwear

Of course, no matter how precious black pumps are, you can’t spend your whole life on heels…or can you? In those rare moment when you wish to go for a walk or run to the store, a pair of comfy shoes is going to save your life. Basically, there are two type of women: those who prefer flats and those who prefer trainers. The decision is all yours.

Little Black Dress

You surely must have known that the little black dress would find its way on this list. And for a good reason too! The LBD counts as that one irreplaceable garment that every woman has to own (even if she doesn’t like dressing up!) It’s simple, classic, elegant and a definite must-have.


Denim Jeans

A pair of quality denim jeans is one of those things that everyone should have. Now, as for the style goes, you can choose skinny jeans, flares, high-waist, dark denim, light blue, washed out etc. It comes down to your personal preference.

A Classic White Shirt

Whether it’s a business meeting in question or simply a pleasant summer day, a classic white shirt can be matched with just about any fashion combination. Combine it with jeans and heels or a pencil skirt and a blazer and you have yourself a superb outfit.

A Swimsuit

A bikini or a one-piece are the two basic choices you have. Does it need further explaining?


A Quality Trench Coat

If there’s one thing that’s going to be worth your money then it’s surely the classic trench coat. A straight A-line style fits all sizes and you can wear it throughout the year.

Gym Apparel

Lastly, even if you’re still promising yourself that you’ll start tomorrow, you definitely need some quality and comfortable gym wear in your wardrobe. Some leggings and a tank top are the most natural choice and if you finally decide to work out, it’ll be the perfect opportunity to try out those trainers instead of the black pumps.

Although there are countless of items that surely deserve a place in your wardrobe, these are the 10 items that simply must find a special place in your closet. With these garments, the art of mix and match will never be boring and you’ll always be in style.

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