3 Reasons Why you’re New Hire Didn’t Work Out

You just hired a new employee and are excited about to see the value that this person will bring to your team. Then a few months later the employee left unexpectedly or maybe it becomes clear that things aren’t working out and you had to let them go. Whatever the reason, losing a recently hired employee means going back and beginning the long process of screening candidates all over again. Aside from this being frustrating, it’s extremely costly. So, if you recently had this challenge, it’s time to sit back and reconsider your hiring strategy. Here are 3 reasons why your new hire didn’t work.

  • Hiring Process Flaws

The most common reason is that most hiring processes don’t actually give you an idea of how the employee is going to perform. Companies go into the hiring process with a vague idea of what they really want or need from a new employee, this can pose problems in the future. A thorough hiring strategy needs to be in place, encompassing distinct duties and expertise the candidate must have. It is vital to assess specific roles within your company the new hire should play.

  • Overly Prepared Applicant

You were won over by an overly prepared candidate. Making good eye contact, complimenting your vision statement and saying that they love cold calling is something everyone can say or do. It is called preparation, in this competitive job market applicants know how to do their homework. This doesn’t mean that they are your next rockstar employee.

  • Time Constraints

Time can be a big factor in making a hire decision and this can cause you as an employer to rush choosing the candidate. This could lead to making the wrong choice and hence start over again the tedious process of hiring. You should consider short-term recruitment process or outsource the process to labour hire Melbourne agencies.

The world of recruitment is tough, there is so much to be done and it can be overwhelming. If your recent hire didn’t work out, it’s time that you outsource the process to labour hire companies. First Personnel will ensure you to get the right people, who are sure to stick around and help your business flourish.

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