5 fashion rules for men

Guys! It’s time to prove that you are not left behind in the race of fashion from girls. Here, I have bundled up some fashion points to rule your girl.


Rule 1: your tuxedo should fit the formality – at the most basic level your attire should be defined for every venue.  If it’s your wedding, make sure you are preferring bit casual. If you are heading for the party, go with either a dark or well-tailored suit in black. You can complement the look with white shirt and bow tie. To flaunt the dashing look, customize your tuxedo as per your measurement to show the classy side.

couple style,

Rule 2: your attire should coordinate with your girl – remember, either you are planning a wedding or going for the date, your first opportunity is to show off couple style, which is joint effort. For the wedding, if your bride to be planning to wear bedazzled heavy gown, try the classic black tux. you both will ready to steal the night.


Rule 3: Your tux’s fit should be perfect – Sometimes, clothes look good on the mannequin as they are made for their size. Even the most expensive tux can make you feel awful if it doesn’t fit right. There are lots of custom tailors in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, and many other places in India. Regardless of buying or renting, you can prefer custom tailor for the purchase.  Pants should fit comfortably while standing and sitting as it causes trouble while taking any position. A bow tie should fit around the collar. To achieve the swanky look, spice things up with bow tie, vest, tie, cuff links in different styles and colors.

Encourage yourself to inject your personality into outfit and show off special something you fell in love with.

double-breasted tuxedo

Rule 4: a great body type dictates the suit – Always wear in which you feel comfortable and your personality dictate and carry well. Either you thin, short, long, fat or bulgy don’t shy to flaunt your personality and wear a tuxedo accordingly.  To add bulk, try out the double-breasted, which make you feel broader. To look fit or slim, try out fitted suit with a bit nip on the waist to give the intuition of leaner silhouettes. Short guys can try the three button jacket with low button stance to elongate the body.

tuxedo party theme

Rule 5: look always match with the party theme – don’t be over accessorising yourself as it can make you funny in the party. If you are planning to go to the wedding, try out casual tuxedo with elegant bow tie.  Make sure your tie, socks and shoes are matching with it. If you are going out for the date, wear dress to impress and keep minimalism jewellery.

Beside of the dressing, you may redefine your look with retro beard trends and hairstyle to flaunt modern yet fascinating look.

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