5 Gym Wear Tips to Follow

Being fit and working out is finally fashionable, and we’re constantly seeing people posting gym selfies and photos of smoothies and healthy snacks on Instagram and other social platforms. This led to unavoidable change in gym clothing, now it doesn’t have to be just functional and comfortable, but also stylish. How does that fit into your everyday workout options? Well, easily. By making some cleaver outfit choices, considering both fashion and performance, you will be able to achieve the perfect Instagram-worthy gym look, while still being comfortable and not limiting your range of motion.

Wear Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

The science of fitness clothing has changed a lot since the time of baggy cotton t-shirts and knit leg warmers, and now there’s a vast choice of workout fabrics, which will not only determine how well you will look in the gym, but also how well you will perform. The old-fashioned cotton is definitely poor choice in both cases, since it absorbs the moisture, and becomes heavy and uncomfortable for the body. Plus, it looks awful. Moisture-wicking fabrics, on the other hand, will make the sweat evaporate when it makes contact with the air, and thus remain dry throughout your workout session.

Tights Are IN


A lady in stylish tights will not only get the whole gym staring, but she will also feel comfortable to work out and have an uninterrupted range of motion, so why should this fascinating clothing piece be limited to women alone? Men’s compression tights are all the range now, and they can provide many benefits, including maximum muscle support and reduced muscle vibration. You can layer them with shorts, if you’re uncomfortable wearing just them.

Dress for the Occasion

No ladies: not little black dresses, and gentlemen: most definitely not tuxedos. You should choose your clothing based on your daily workout routine. When the accent is on your chest, you should wear a t-shirt that makes it stand out. The leg day is the perfect occasion for trying out your new compression tights, and the shoulder and arms days should be complemented with sleeveless t-shirts. Do you research about the available gym clothing online, and find the right outfit based on the body part you are working out.

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Subtle or Bright?

Colors are often subjects of doubts, and in most of the cases, women are the ones who will decide for bright and colorful workout outfit, while men stick to the tried and true white undershirt-style t-shirt and black or grey shorts. Who is right? Well, both or none of them. Too subtle look is boring and it screams “I haven’t even tried”, while too many colors are distracting. Wear only one colorful piece (e.g. tank top) per workout session, and tone it down with monochromatic pieces.

The Cinderella Syndrome

Shoes are one of the most important gym wear essentials, so you must keep that in mind when choosing one. It’s crucial to find the shoe that fits just right and feels comfortable on your leg. Test the shoes in the store before buying by walking around and jumping up and down. Since gym trainings are a combination of different activities, you should opt for a versatile pair, like cross-trainers, which offer lateral support, flexibility and cushioning; That way, they can be used for running, walking and weightlifting.

Pounding the track or lifting some heavy weights will go much better with stylish and functional outfit, so ditch the baggy t-shirt, and follow our fashion police and fitness instructors approved tips.


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