5 Important Tips for Novice Leather Users!

All things that are made of leather will grow old with time. This is because natural leather is nothing but animal skin. It requires the right amount of caring and moisturizing to be maintained in tip-top condition. If you want your leather product to last for a very long time, you should handle it with lots of care. The product will still grow old, you cannot avoid this; but a well maintained leather product will look like a brand new one even after a century. Ageing in leather products is also known as “Patina”. It is a much admired and cherished process that cannot be replicated artificially. And, this is a major reason behind the expensive nature of leather products.


This article revolves around useful tips presented by Love Your Leather. Love Your Leather is deemed as real market leaders with over 3 decades of experience in leather repair and leather restoration.

Tip #1- Proper Usage

Leather bags and purses must be handled by a single person. As the product shifts from one hand to another, it would lose its natural flexibility. Since, moisture and oils are transferred between hands. Eventually, with rough handling leather products are likely to lose its shine and look. Just like how a hide dries with time, fibers in leather products can break instead of stretching.While investing on leather products, it would be wiser to go for options with few natural oils.

Tip #2 – Proper Storage

You cannot prevent scratches from leather products. You can avoid leather repair caused by unexpected scratches by keeping the item away from metallic objects with sharp edges. Generally, give lots of consideration when you pick or move the item. Another interesting way of safeguarding your leather valuables is by applying saddle soap, boot polish or Vaseline. These lubricants will coat the leather surface with an additional layer, making it much more durable. Nevertheless, refrain from using polishes that can change the color of natural leather. Always test the lubricant on a small area, before covering the entire product.

Tip #3 – Proper Cleaning

Do you know that dirt and dust marks can be seen prominently on leather products? Luckily, you can use a little bit of grease and warm water to get rid of them. There are many especially designed products in the market to remove dirt and dust from leather goods. A well-known product would be the “Satchel Knight”. The effective solution comprises of natural oils and minerals that can remove dust/dirt effortlessly. A golden rule to be followed when you remove dust/dirt is that you should not exert excess pressure. Gentle rubbing on the smooth surface will get rid of the dust & dirt, without causing much damage to the leather surface.

Tip #4 – Proper Conditions

According to Love Your Leather – leather products must not be exposed to water. If your leather satchels are wet, you must wipe them dry as quickly as possible. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the surface and then allow it to dry naturally. On the other hand, never dry leather goods using a direct source of heat. For example, don’t use hair dryers or radiators to dry wet leather items. And, store leather goods in a water-proof cover that can keep the item completely dry. Storage is a very delicate topic when it comes to leather goods. Many dust-free bags are designed specifically for leather items. Try to get hold of these products.

As mentioned previously, to avoidleather repair the product must be stored away from excess heat. Extreme temperature can cause the surface to bubble. With time, the pigmented surface would wear and tear away. Likewise, freezing temperatures will ruin the natural structure of leather. Fibers that add more strength to leather goods will become brittle. In fact, cold conditions can cause the top-most surface to crack.

Never keep leather under direct sunlight. Just like conventional products, leather goods can fade with time. The change does take time (from four to six months); however, it is always good to be safe than sorry.

Tip #5 – Proper Care

Before treating a leather good with chemicalsolutions, you should test on a small, unseen surface. Check the surface after 24 long hours. In case the surface remains good and intact, you can use the product without any worries. This verification will help you analyze if leather reacts to the product or not! Experts believe that some chemicals can even change the actual color of leather. Meanwhile, don’t apply waterproof solutions on the entire leather product. Apply it only on areas that would be exposed to excess moisture.

“Leather” is an interesting, yet expensive product. The industry has a very long history and is one of the trendiest topics in the fashion world! If you are ought to invest on expensive leather items, you must think twice and check if you can handle it properly. Since, the ultimate look and style of your leather good will depend on how you use and store it! To learn more about leather repairand maintenance, approach the professionals- Love Your Leather – Address: 41 Advance Rd., Etobicoke, ON M8Z 2S6 Telephone: (416)-538-8669.

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