5 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Wedding Saree

Every little girl grows up with a vision of how she will look on her wedding day! This vision may get tweaked as she grows up depending on her observation of other women as they get married, fashion trends and even movies. The one thing that remains constant, however, is the desire to look special! As your own wedding approaches, put the worries of planning and jitters of the future at the back of your mind, and indulge the little girl in you by finding the perfect Indian wedding saree on CBazaar.com!

CBazaar, an online Indian clothing store aims to make your search for the perfect saree easy by presenting a brochure of gorgeous sarees to choose from the comfort of your home. From traditional red and gold sarees to stylish lehngacholi, easy to wear pre- draped sarees, and attractive half sarees, CBazaar has it all!

Read on to discover 10 easy ways of picking the right saree for your special day.

1.A saree that suits your body-type –

The material and pattern you choose for your Indian saree go a long way in deciding your look. Not only does it determine whether you look slim or bulky, but also decides if you look as good at the end of the ceremony as you did when the rituals first began! Choose a fabric which falls comfortably flattering your body type and presenting it to your best advantage! While silk is the universal favourite, lighter fabrics like georgette and chiffon are steadily gaining brownie points for the elegant fall flowing drapes.


2. Easy handling –

Indian weddings are elaborate affairs.If the rituals involve a lot of moving around, consider picking a pre-stitched saree, a lehnga saree, or a half saree. Choose one of these and pay attention to the wedding vows which signal your new life instead of worrying that your saree may come undone!


3. Flattering patterns –

Pay attention to borders and patterns to find the best option. If you are tall, you will look gorgeous in thick borders and bold patterns, while petite and slim women look their best in sarees which have thin borders and small or medium borders.


4. A colour that suits your complexion –

Most Indian weddings require you to wear an Indian saree of a particular colour. A Malyalee bride glows in her white and gold ensemble, while a Bengali bride looks resplendent in rich reds embellished with golden patterns. However, brides today are increasingly choosing colours and combinations they love most. Stay true to tradition while choosing an attractive modern option by picking a dark red saree studded with crystals which enhance your happy glow.

5. Pleat it right! –

When you have found the perfect Indian wedding saree, make sure you spend some time draping it right! No matter how beautiful your saree is, irregular or uneven pleats will make you look shabby on your big day.

Pick a perfect Indian saree for the most important day in your life at CBazaar! With a range of colours, patterns and style, you are sure to find one that will make your wedding a memorable one for you!

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