It is that time of year when the invites come in for all the get togethers. The office party, dinner with the family, theme parties with friends etc. Many of these events require standing in heels for long periods of time. And that can be tortuous at best. I am often asked how I can stand to wear heels so much. Of course, first and foremost, buy shoes that are of good quality and that fit properly, but after that, here are 5 tips that have worked great for me.

1. Heel GripsThese have been an arsenal in my shoe collection for years. I put them in almost every pair I own and buy them in bulk whenever possible. I have very narrow heels and most shoes slip right off of my feet. By adding these, the shoe stays put. They also prevent chaffing and blistering from shoes that rub on the heel as you walk. Heel grips come in many colors and even come in a gel form. I am a fan of these particular ones because they are a bit thicker and therefore softer than others. 
To place the heel grip in your shoe, simply peel the backing off, hold the two ends together making a v shape, and then adhere it to the shoe. Let it site for a few hours before wearing.
 2. Ball of Foot Pads: I add these to any shoe that has a heel. When standing for long periods of time, the ball of your foot can become quite inflamed and thus quite painful. Most heels do not have sufficient cushion to protect the ball of your foot. By adding a small layer of padding inside the shoe, you will be amazed how much longer you can stand in your heels. Ball of foot pads also come in many varieties. I am a fan of the gel version for this as the gel molds to your foot creating a custom fit.
To apply, simply peel the backing off and adhere to the shoe right where the ball of the foot hits. Once again, let it sit for a few hours before wearing.


3. Rubber Soles: One of the first stops I make after investing in a pair of shoes is to the cobbler. I have rubber soles applied to all of my leather soles. Not only does it prolong the life of my shoes, but it also prevents slipping on sidewalk and provides additional cushion for the ball of the foot. You can buy stick on soles, but I would highly recommend having a cobbler handle this.
4. Blister Defense: Despite all these preventative measures, you still may find that certain shoes give you hot spots that ultimately turn into very painful blisters. To prevent this rub Blister Defense on any spot that is tender. It provides an invisible barrier between you and your shoes. I have also heard that in a pinch, gel deodorant works just as well, but I have not tried this myself.

5. Taping 3rd and 4th toe together: One of the most painful foot ailments is a Morton’s Neuroma. It is a thickening of the the tissue that surrounds the digital nerve leading to the toes. It creates a pain in the ball of your foot that feels akin to walking on a small stone all day. By taping together the 3rd and 4th toe with athletic tape, you can relieve the strain on the nerve leading to the toes.

This is what it will look like.
Try these tips the next time you have a long night ahead of you in heels. Better yet, make it a practice to implement the first three tips with all of your heels, and I bet you will find yourself reaching for them more often.
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