6 Ways to Pair a Plain T-Shirt

When aesthetics is involved, plain t-shirts appear to pale in comparison to t-shirts with graphics printed on them. However, this doesn’t stop plain t-shirts from forming a critical part of your attire. You can pair those plain ‘boring’ t-shirts with a fancy bottom and change your look entirely. Here’s some great ideas on what to pair your plain t-shirts with for a look for every occasion:

  1. With a flannel shirt and jeans

A clean white t-shirt provides a great foundation for a renewed grunge-driven ensemble with combined with an unbuttoned flannel shirt and lightly-faded skinny jeans. So if you have nothing but your favourite white t-shirt to wear for a weekend, simply pair it with your finest denim and plaid to give yourself a quick and easy relaxed look.

  1. With patterned or coloured skinny jeans

If your classic t-shirt simply looks terribly plain when donned with skinny jeans, try jazzing things up by combining it with patterned skinny jeans. Your look will immediately be more captivating, and it’s still a ridiculously easy way to get dressed rapidly, including when a large part of your wardrobe is unavailable. Simply ensure the pattern or shade of your skinny jeans isn’t excessively loud.

Plain T-Shirt

  1. Tucked into a bright pencil skirt

Your basic black or white t-shirt isn’t to be worn away from the workplace only. When adorned with a streamlined pencil skirt with a vibrant hue, you have a very chic work outfit all of a sudden. Tuck in your t-shirt to look extra formal, and add a blazer and statement necklace for further impact.

  1. With a tuxedo blazer

When in a limbo, adding a tuxedo jacket glosses up your attire, including if it’s simply your beloved worn-in white t-shirt. You may create more impact by limiting the palette to just black and white, and adding black leather pants to this.

  1. With patterned skirt

A white t-shirt alone might be inconspicuous, but when donned with a bright floral skirt and matching jacket, it becomes a fantastic method to ground your ensemble. Try a plain t-shirt with a midi skirt or a full skirt in a graphic floral print, and keep the rest of your attire subdued.

  1. (Nearly) monochromatic black or white

Any look, including the most basic, will make more of an impression when it’s monochromatic. If you don’t want to don a basic black and white ensemble, try donning a white t-shirt paired with a white pencil skirt and blazer, or a black t-shirt with leather skinny pants and a black tuxedo jacket. Simply ensure you augment your look with a little colour, be it a thin belt or a bright lip.

Choose your plain t-shirt’s accompaniment wisely at https://www.buttonandthread.com.my/, and you’d be able to create as much fashion impression as those who adorn less-than-plain outfits.

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