A Holiday Inspired Style Guide

Holidays are traditionally perceived as leisure time, but when the invites for the various events start piling up, choosing the appropriate outfits might get quite exhausting. Regardless of your traditions at Christmas time, everyone likes looking nice when catching up with their family and friends. It’s amazing how the right outfit can get you in a festive mood, so here’s your little holiday-inspired style guide.

Office Christmas party

Regardless of your work field, chances are you’re going to have an office Christmas party and it’s a great official event to dress up. Assembling an outfit depends on the time of the event but don’t forget you’re still obliged to follow the office dress code. Besides, the people you’ll be partying with will still be your colleagues, bosses, and clients after the holidays, so dress up and behave accordingly. Don’t wear anything that’s too short or too tight but feel free to opt for a chic cocktail dress for an evening party. It’s all about getting the balance right – both men and women need to find that line between being over-dressed and under-dressed.

Festive lunch with your family

Dressing up for this occasion is, of course, far more casual than for your office party but that doesn’t mean you should show up wearing an old sweater and a messy bun. Keep it casual but sophisticated – think maxi skirts or flowy dresses. Heels are optional; just make sure you don’t wear anything that’s too tight. Avoid bodycon dresses and skinny jeans so there’s some space for all the food you’re going to eat. The same goes for men – a nice shirt or a cool sweater will do just fine, there’s no need for fancy suits (unless your family is into that kind of gatherings). As for the colours, think winterish tones – brown, burgundy, olive green, as well as metallic shades to recall the Jingle Bells melody and put you in the festive mood.

Leisure time

If you’re not much of a winter fan, holidays are a perfect time to leave it all behind and travel some place warm. Maybe you’re lucky enough to live down under where the summer is about to begin or your plan is to spend your holidays in a spa centre. Either way, a high-quality jets swimwear is a must, so make sure you put it on top of your holiday shopping list. For snow lovers out there, good boots, a warm, wool coat, and a fluffy scarf is a recipe for happiness. This season, military and navy style are back in the coat game, while huge, blanket-like scarves have been trending for the last few years. Cozy up, get warm and you’ll be ready to enjoy long winter day strolls.

New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is your time to shine – quite literally – so channel your inner glitter addict and start sparkling. You already know almost anything’s suitable for the party on the 31st of December, so feel free to go beyond the LBD this year. Make a simple dress more interesting with a pair of colourful tights, or feel sexy and powerful by wearing leather shorts and over-the-knee boots – it’s all up to you. As for the men – you can never go wrong with a well-tailored white shirt, black pants or jeans, and Chelsea boots. Spice things up with a boldly-coloured tie, bowtie, or even suspenders.

Being festive doesn’t mean you have to forgo chic – on the contrary, it’s the perfect time to flaunt your style. Add some red, green, and metallic fabrics to your wardrobe, stock up on glitter and sequins, and you’ll be ready to be as merry as Christmas is.

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