A Tattoo is Forever: Healthy Post-Care for Your New Ink

For many people, it is about that rush. That freshly tattooed feeling that they had been craving for months and finally find. Whether you frequent your local tattoo shop or just want something small for the first time, finding a clean studio and aftercare are both vital when you want to acquire some brand-new body art.

Likely more needed than any other aspect of the process, choose a safe tattoo studio. Make sure that you can trust in the artists as well as the cleanliness of their workplace. A good studio should have its piercing and tattooing areas separate and use an autoclave, which is necessary to sterilize the equipment. Staff should only use needles once and use latex gloves during any procedure.

If you are a newbie, always ask for proper after care instructions. Tattoos can take up to a few weeks to heal, so it is important to keep the area well looked after and clean during this time. Although it will scab over and become itchy, do not scratch it. You can remove the bandage anywhere from one hour to the next morning after you get the tattoo.

While your tattoo is healing, gently wash it with mild antibacterial soap – only pat dry with no rubbing. After washing, apply ointment – A&D is often recommended – until the scab flakes off the newly tattooed area. Make certain that you keep the area moisturized on a daily basis to maintain the skin healthy. Be careful with sun exposure, as sunlight will damage your tattoo, and do not swim or submerge the tattooed area in a tub with water until healed.

When should you see a doctor? When you have used a clean studio, a great tattoo artist, and have practiced proper self-care for your new tattoo, you will rarely need to consult a physician. However, you should remain aware of the signs. If you experience redness or burning beyond normal healing pains, you may want to see a doctor. After you get your tattoo, ask the tattoo artist about the normal pains of a healing tattoo so you can judge which are average and which are worthy of a hospital visit.

Always look for the best tattoo shop San Antonio, and in any area. You will want to ensure that you are beautiful, deeply personal tattoo design is executed well and it remains vibrant and lasts a lifetime.

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