About Haute2Wear

GabriellaWelcome Fashionistas!

My name is Gabriella and I am the founder of Haute2Wear.com. As seasons have passed and trends have arrived and left, I’ve always tried to keep up with the fashion status quo while still remaining true to my personal style, body type and wallet.

It’s hard to keep up with the ever-changing fashion world without losing sight of what you love to wear and makes you feel comfortable. I will work hard towards making this site give all the fashionistas the opportunity to post pictures of daily outfits where you can specify everything from which brands you wore to your personal body type, building an always growing repertoire of outfit ideas and tips.

When uploading a picture you have the opportunity to file it under the categories that apply to your picture. Show off the great look you’ve put together and what an amazing style you have. Follow other fashionistas to be constantly updated on their pictures, so you won’t ever miss a beat in their fashion-filled lives. You will have the opportunity to comment on other people’s pictures, however, any harassment and/or blatant disrespect will not be tolerated. This website is meant to be a community where tricks of the fashion trade are shared and people of all shapes and sizes can find ways to totally WORK the new trends.

I hope you have fun, and welcome to Haute2Wear.com

Love and Stilettos,


Follow me on instagram: @gabriellapaixon

Follow Haute2Wear on instagram: @haute2wear