Accessorizing Tips for Bride

A woman’s wedding may be the most stress-filled event of her life. She knows all eyes will be on her, and she knows her picture will be taken in an assortment of poses. It makes sense, therefore, that she will want to look her most perfect-self from the dress to her make up to her accessories. Once the dress has been picked out, the hair style decided on and the make-up agreed on, it is time to choose the accessories.


Accessories are like the toppings of a cake. They are there for accent, but do not make up the whole. Bridal jewelry sets are a great option, and here are three accessorizing tips for brides to consider when choosing them.

Less is More

The dress, hair and make-up, especially if the dress will consist of its own accents like embroidering, may be enough to complete the bride’s look. Adding too many accessories may take away from the natural beauty of the bride and appear over the top or unflattering, so consider the less is more approach. A tiara alone, for example, can be literally the crowning piece of a look, or a bold necklace can be the perfect companion for a dress whose neckline is cut low enough.

Make the Look Your Own

Every bride should remember that her wedding is her moment to shine. She should be happy with her final look whatever it may be for her. For those who would like to appear whimsical, a flowy veil pinned to her hair with embellished combs may do the trick. For the bride who wants to flaunt her curves, a simple sash tied into a beautiful bow at the side of her waist may create the voluptuousness she seeks. If elegance is the goal, a pair of decadent chandelier earrings will not only accent a beautiful neck, they can also exude classic fineness.

Comfort is Key

On this day, the bride can expect to be on her feet often when not posing for pictures or greeting well-wishers with her new husband. Thus, it is a good idea to ensure the chosen accessories will not become unnecessary distractions that may get caught, weigh her down or cause unnecessary pinching.

A woman’s wedding is exciting, and her accessories can add that extra shine she will enjoy seeing in pictures for years to come, so choose wisely

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