Featured Fashionista: Faith

Hello Everybody! It's that time of the month again, It's time for our new Featured Fashionista. This month's featured fashionista is Faith from the Philippines. Faith has demonstrated versatility at the tender age of 18. Not many people have the … [Read more...]

Featured Fashionita: Ruxandra

Hello Everyone, It's that time of the month again, I present to you the new Featured Fashionista, Ruxandra.  Say Hello to this fashion forward beauty that currently resides in Belgium. One of the things I value very much is that Ruxandra's outfits … [Read more...]

74th Terrace

Hello ladies and gents... I'm Back.   I'm sorry i've been MIA these past couple of weeks, but i've been recovering first from an influenza scare and about some days later i got a head injury. Both of those combined do not make for an … [Read more...]

Featured Fashionista: Epp

Hello Everyone! As of today I will feature one of my very esteemed users each month. The feature will include an interview, outfit pics and links to your social media networks. The purpose of this is to have everyone who visits the website not … [Read more...]

Dressed To Impress

Hello Lovelies! I came across a fahbulous dress website the other day, not you're ordinary dress but PROM dresses. Yeez, I think me going to prom would be illegal, I am too damn old for that but I can never be too old for a fabulous dress. What … [Read more...]

Happiest Place on Earth

I had the tremendous amount of luck to visit Disneyland with the fam bam. Disneyland close to christmas is magical and full of fatty foods and a good time so I guess it's a smart idea to wear something comfortable and stretchy.  Disneyland used to be … [Read more...]

South Coast Plaza Adventures

So yesterday, was an amazing day. I went with my gorgeous mother and sister to South Coast Plaza. Waitttt.... what is South Coast Plaza? It is heaven,dolls. HEAVEN. It is the biggest shopping mall in California, it even SMELLS different than most … [Read more...]

Velvet Dreams

So, on Friday night I went to a chill party. I didn't want to go over the top but I was still feeling a little bit feisty when I went to my closet, I felt like standing out and there's nothing like a velvet body con dress to do the trick. The weather … [Read more...]

Happy Veterans Day from Nasty Gal

  Happy Amazing Shopping Day Too! … [Read more...]

Let me Upgrade You

This is what I consider a power outfit. I love the fact that I am comfortable and at the same time, I feel like a non singing Beyonce. I know you must be sick of my blazer, my close friends are but I love the shape it gives me well um, shape. The … [Read more...]