Banana Republic Size Change Hatred – Advice?

I’ve been a long-time wearer of Banana Republic’s old “Slim Fit” shirts for both Non-Iron dress shirts to wear with ties, as well as for casual untucked button-downs to pair with jeans and chinos. The style has always fit my perfectly and my closet is completely filled with dress and casual button-downs that I’ve accumulated.

So, you can imagine my horror when they decided to change things up last year. I’ve read a lot of reviews about BR’s Grant and Camden fits and the general consensus seems to be that Camden is too baggy and Grant is either too tight or too baggy, depending on if you were a Slim or a Tailored Slim guy. Personally, I find them way too tight in the shoulders and chest – and I’m pretty skinny to begin with. If you read the reviews of products online, you’ll find that a lot of customers are vocal about their hatred for the changes in hopes that they’ll revert back to their old styles – myself included. I own a handful of Camden fits in hopes that they would grow on me and intend to return them all because of how dated they look – even in a size small.

Anyway, I’m wondering if you guys know of any good alternatives that are close replicas of BR’s old Slim Fit sizing. I’m curious if maybe J Crew’s Slim shirts are similar, although for dress shirts, the only “slim” shirt I’ve heard about are their Ludlow’s, which I’ve read adhere more to the tighter Tailored Slim Fit style that was always a bit too snug for my taste.

Any ideas?

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