Blendtec vs Vitamix Blender Reviews


Whether you’re researching the very best blender for smoothies or to enhance your nourishment due to specific health issues – my aim would be to help you determine which blender is BEST FOR YOU!

There are plenty of blender models in the marketplace nowadays, nevertheless after research many individuals seriously interested in combining recognize this is a face off between Blendtec vs Vitamix.

In this Blendtec vs Vitamix review, I’ll clarify ALL OF the similarities and differences between the two of these exceptional high-speed functionality blenders in terms of layout, characteristics, functionality abilities, guarantee and cost of the two greatest blender brands currently available to assist you discover: Which blender is most advantageous for you personally, your family, as well as your lifestyle.

While Vitamix has been sitting pretty on top Blendtec has been aggressively marketing their merchandise against them and have published a number of videos on YouTube that show off its muscle.

Pretty much all Vitamix blenders have a 64 oz container.

Both these jars basically make use of precisely the same layout – a curved design with ridges where ingredients are driven down toward the blade – this is one of the reasons why the Vitamix is really successful on all four corners made to generate a “vortex”. To get more information you can follow the link blendtec vs vitamix blender reviews.

Unlike the Blendtec where you need to purchase a different pitcher simply to make hummus or nut butter, the Vitamix pitcher does it all.

In addition, it comes with a tamper that does two things – it helps shove ingredients towards the blade down and prevents cavitation where atmosphere or bubbles packages that form within the liquid.

It’s also possible because it’s a vent on the lid to produce hot soup with the Vitamix.

Vitamix additionally sees another jar for blending ingredients like coffee beans – they call this the dry grains container but unless you’re smashing large amounts of beans or seeds you don’t actually want this add-on.

This pitcher is used by earlier forms.

Both the FourSide and WildSide Jars are interchangeable in many versions.

Because it does have a vented lid you can make soup with these jars.

It lags behind the Vitamix when crushing ice or frozen dessert mostly because of the blade design and in the case of the Blendtec – a lack of a tamper while these jars are excellent at mixing wet recipes like smoothies.

Combining Operation
First let’s appear how the Blendtec performs making smoothies. Below is a Designer Series WildSide building a smoothie with frozen strawberries ice and spinach.

Green smoothies are some of the healthiest meals you can ever have these combine the best of both worlds – nutrition and pulp from leafy greens. This recipe contains some grapes, banana, strawberry as well as a lot of spinach. Take note she did not place any water, only ice.

One of the toughest things a blender can make is nut butter. This video demonstrates that you could make nut butter with a Blendtec using the WildSide jar even without the tamper although I am aware I mentioned that for making stuff like nut butter you have to purchase a different jug.

Again, you don’t have to buy the container that is dry just to make this recipe at home.

The Vitamix is also effective at grinding whole grains into a powdery texture, if you’re into making your own bread then great news. This is most likely the only time you’ll need to utilize the dry container that’s an alternative blade layout particularly for pulverizing whole grains or beans (yes even coffee beans) into a fine powdery feel.

The Blendtec WildSide was a lot of fun since I’m a Vitamix gal for me to use. I am going to confess, I was somewhat overwhelmed by all the buttons (it’s 10 buttons, a beat button, and also a pre-programmed control so you can push a button and walk away). This was a lot for me to grasp and choose what to do— and got me question if they were all really necessary for a green smoothie gal.

It’s kinda got a mind of it’s own— which is handy for the multitaskers out there.

Blendtec has some amazing perks, but one is undoubtedly not a secure foundation. We were a little shocked at how much it rocked while combining. The motor is so strong that it made the entire blender stone back and forth. The bottom of the Blendtec is much lighter than the Vitamix and we could definitely see the outcomes of that when we had them both cranked at full power.

After the smoothie was blended by us, we tasted it and were impressed with how frothy it was — it was so light and airy. I have to emphasize this because I’ve never tasted anything like it with my Vitamix. There’s definitely more air getting into the smoothie, which makes it frothy. And such as the Blendtec roadshows present, clean up was very easy thanks to the slick square-shaped plastic container. Click on any of our Blendtec links, and you’ll receive free shipping, when you buy.

The Vitamix 5200 is a stable and simple animal of a blender. I’ll acknowledge— it’s stature makes it a little clumsy to keep on the counter. Place it to the side so it fits and I must take off the container. Yet I did see online they make a shorter container now—thus get that one and you will be very joyful!

Yet this is the only negative I personally see to the Vitamix. My favourite thing about it’s how easy it’s to use— it’s a two-switch, one dial machine. Simple. This dial attribute gives me complete control over the speed variations and length of time I wish to mix my smoothies for. The genuine smoothie was creamy (not frothy like the Blendtec), which is absolutely a personal taste sorta matter.

The base didn’t budge when we turned the Vitamix on full speed. It almost has a cinder block attached to its foundation. I couldn’t walk away and let it mix and mechanically shut off— with Vitamix you are in control and have to shut it off yourself. So control freaks— this may be the one!

When it came to cleanup, the Vitamix container didn’t clean as easily as the Blendtec— after I “ it clean” that is blended, it had a little leafy fiber deposit. We compared the containers to see why this was and the Blendtec has a slick picture on the container to help it become super slippery.

Both blenders are fantastic choices should you’d like to become a hard core, green smoothie drinking machine. No leafy balls with either blender and the smoothies were made in easily under 2 minutes.

If you like more features, care the way that it looks/fits on your counter and like more frothy smoothies — I say go with the Blendtec.

In case you prefer creamy smoothies, a simple appearance, and also a superb sound blender — go with the Vitamix.

Both have 7 year warranties, fusion like kings and will make your green smoothie days even more exciting.

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