Boho Style with a Modern Update


During the last couple of years boho style has been a massive hit in fashion industry. Remaining among the top trends for the summer of 2016. The boho spirit is all about creating effortless feminine free creative and earthy outfits. Embrace your inner hippie and rock the boho look!

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What is boho all about?

This kind of style is really played down and easy to create. It has nothing to do with your bank account, you can choose some inexpensive items and combine them with designer ones. The only thing that matters is your spirit – if you have the Bohemian spirit you will reflect it in your style. Those who are interested in simple things and like multi-layered textures can nail this look easily. Ditch neon colours, boho is all about neutral tones and colours.

Which fabrics to go for?

Boho lovers are love natural fabrics. So you can’t go wrong by choosing silk, linen, velvet, chiffon, suede, leather, denim or cotton. The accent is on feeling comfortable and being able to express your personality through your fabric and colour choices

Accessories are a must

What are the key items?

Invest in a couple of key items and feel free to combine them in order to create your personalized boho look.

A maxi skirt is an excellent choice for hot summer days and you can either opt for the simple solid cotton ones or the bright coloured skirts which would reflect your positive energy. You can combine it with a basic tee and gladiator sandals for a great put together look. If you want, you can spice up your outfit with a lot of jewellery.

A printed maxi dress is the perfect choice for the occasions when you don’t feel like combining lots of items. In order to feel more confident about your figure, you can always choose shapewear to get that perfect fit. It is the perfect option underneath geometric prints which tend to be less flattering for the female figure. A brimmed hat is great for bad hair days since it makes you look effortlessly stylish. Choose a floppy brimmed one and feel free to combine it with any outfit.

Flared jeans are back big time. Go for that 70s look by choosing light jeans and a matching white blouse with Aztec-inspired print. With some wedges and a crossbody bag you will be rocking the ultimate boho craze.

Hair goes natural

Hair goes natural

Ditch your hair straightener and embrace your natural hair style. Create casual beach waves by spraying some water on the ends and letting them dry naturally in the sun. Apart from this hair do, you can choose to wear ponytails, loose buns and twist-outs.

Accessories are a must

Nothing screams more boho than a lot of jewellery. Go for versatile colourful gypsy-inspired bracelets to spicy up any outfit you feel like wearing. Headbands are all the rage too, so choose some floral ones to show your natural look. Silver Mexican necklaces are ideal for updoing your basic dress. Big pendants will make your outfit go from dull to boho in no time.

Makeup is minimal

When thinking about makeup, choose soft and neutral tones. An apricot brush will definitely do the trick. Just apply a splash of bold lipstick and you will be boho perfect.

Bohemian style is all about embracing your inner free spirit and it should be a reflection of your creativity.


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