Brilliant Colored Hair Tinting Trends for Celebrities In 2016

The hair coloring trends that we had witnessed this year, using bold, exotic hair tints, will be become more prevalent in the coming year. It seems conservative, natural-looking, hair coloring will possibly give way to the more flamboyant, brilliant hair colors among female celebrities. The year 2016 will see more purples, blues, pinks, shocking reds, pastels, ombre combinations and artificial solid grey hues. These colors will either be solid all over hair coloring, or they will be mixed with the natural hair colors as in highlighting or chunking, especially with ombre hair coloring. The hair coloring products that will achieve these brightly colored effects will be mostly semi-permanent, or topically applied temporarily and can be washed off.


Pastel Hair Colors
Pastel hair colors are very popular right now, and will become even more popular going into the next year. We will be seeing baby blues, mint greens and cotton candy pinks, more frequently, especially on blonde hair or in ombre hair coloring combinations. There will also be a frequency of rainbow colors, that is, all of the colors of the rainbows at once, on one head. Celebrity hairstylists will probably be inundated with the rainbow colors request, because it’s a very stunning look.

Shades Of Purple
Purple will be a very popular hair color in 2016. We will see every shade of purple and also variations of purple, like maroon. Purple or maroon will be the alternative color for red colors this coming year. We will also see combinations of purple and maroon together. Solid lilac hair coloring will be a very popular hue this year, in that is a youthful, playful color. Another possible purple hue to be popular this year, is a deep royal purple, which will probably replace the burgundy red color. We will possibly see more jeweled toned colors like amethyst, sapphire and emerald.

The 2016 year for exotic hair colors will be interesting and brilliantly colorful. Although, these diverse hair colors are mostly semi-permanent and topically applied temporarily that can be washed out, perhaps as time goes on, we will see more bold hair colors or bold color combinations, so there will be an increased demand for permanent hair coloring. A wide range of colors can be developed for celebrity hair stylist to professionally apply them, probably using the double processing method or highlighting kits and it will soon become the norm.

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