Butter Your Body For A Silky Smooth Skin

Butter used in body is a moisturizing cream intended to deliver strong, comprehensive moisturizing for your skin.  They are of many types, but the most beneficial is OROGOLD Golden Body Butter.  The ingredients contained in this product are perfect for your skin giving you a soft to touch feel with continued use.

Is butter diverse from lotion?

Certainly yes, lotions are very different from the butter used in that they contain water.  Some contain as much water as 70%.  This is the reason why lotions just dry out the skin because we are purely applying a lot of water to it.  Lotions try to decrease the dryness by adding in oiling agents, still the skin distinguishes the variance too well and it wears off with consistent use leaving it very dry and vulnerable.


OROGOLD Golden Body Butter on the other hand is predominantly made-up of Shea butter – the best moisturizer that best feeds the skin.  It results in evidently smooth and silky.

There is simply no comparison between the butter used in the body and the lotions at any point.

Using Orogold Golden Body Butter

OROGOLD Golden Body Butter is used similarly as using a lotion.  It is meant to be used from head to toe.   However, many keep away from using it on their face as it might be too heavy for the face.

Use it every day after taking your bath, it penetrates the skin to provide deep wholesome conditioning for your skin nerves and reduces the aging process and protecting the skin.  Once applied to the skin, OROGOLD Golden Body Butter will soften equally to the normal butter allowing one to evenly apply into the skin.  It is long lasting since a little goes a long way.

Is the butter used in the body thick and greasy?

 Absolutely not, OROGOLD Golden Body Butter completely absorbs to the skin leaving behind no traces of grease but that of silky soft skin.  We all don’t want to go around with heavy oiled skin be it your face or your butt; we all simply want a very soft skin from our faces to our butt!

When we say you can’t use it on your face, we don’t mean it’s too thick, just that many prefer to have a very thin cream for their face to avoid quick clogging of the pores.

The butter used in the body is balanced in both its weight and quality click here to visit the site– there is none that outweighs the other.  The results it brings can out rightly tell there is no compromise in producing the best quality there ever been.

OROGOLD Golden Body Butter is an answer to the skin that has exposed to harsh lotions and left dry, chapped and itchy.  It quenches the thirsty skin bringing in a new softness to every part of the body.  It is a great cure for those dry, chapped heels, knees and elbows.  Rather than try it, start using it consistently and your skin shall tell you of the results!

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