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Sari is the traditional dress for Indian women. Whenever one thinks of traditional art forms of India, then they never miss mentioning the doria saris of Kota which has its origin in this small place of Rajasthan.

Doria is a local word which is English means thread and this weave art is very much traditional of India. The fabric is completely distinct and it has a unique square pattern. One can buy Kota doria silk sarees online but before that one should know what they exactly look like so that they can buy authentic ones. These saris are very comfortable as summer wears and one can easily carry them in humid weather. These saris are also easy maintenance and light weight.


The weave that is actually used in these saris were originated in Mysore. This happened in the late 17th century and Maharao Kishore Singh brought many weavers from Mysore to Rajasthan because he was the general of the Mughal army. These weavers were locally known as ‘Masuriyas’ and so the Kota doriya saris are also known as the Kota Masuria saris.

 In the Kota state, there is an erstwhile community called Ansari and the saris are manufactured by them only. They stay in the Hadauti region which is a bit outskirt from the city of Kota and this place is the actual hub for the weavers. The other major location for the weavers is the Kaithoon village which is almost 15 kilometres away from Kota and it is said that approximately 1500 weavers stay and work there. A few craftsmen also work from Baran and Bundi which are the adjacent districts.

What is the uniqueness of this particular sari?

The Kota doria saris do have square patterns which is the signature look of it. These checkered weaves make it different from other traditional saris.

It is the finest open weave of an Indian fabric and it has at least 300 squares. Each square is weaved with silk and cotton yarns.

These saris are mainly beige or white in colour. In fact, on previous days only these two colours were available. But with passing time the options of colours have increased and now almost every colour is available in this traditional sari.

The fabric is either cotton or pure silk or a perfect blend of two. The white cotton gives necessary strength to the sari and the silk fabric provide a lot of shine and transparency to the sari. The other interesting feature of this sari is the use of onion juice and rice paste on the yarn which actually strengthens it. This also gives the sari some additional finishing.

There are mainly printed, plain and zari based Kota doria saris. The basic ones have checks made from plain gold threads and the printed ones have block prints on them.  These saris are easy to maintain as they are mostly cotton.

Kota sarees online India can be bought easily and one can flaunt them to their friends and relatives by draping them stylishly.

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