Buying the Perfect Fitting Bikini of the Highest Quality

We have probably all heard the term “she wears it well” and will often have wished it was us the phrase was meant for, but there’s no hiding the fact that wearing a bikini of a high quality, well-designed cut and good material will give us a powerful edge in looking great on the beach or at the poolside.

A bikini should be designed with simplicity and style as its main objectives; but ultimately to flatter the wearer, so that heads turn on the beach, friends compliment you on your quality swimwear and you get to feel comfortable and confident in your bikini.

MELLISAJAY swimwear ticks these boxes and allows the wearer to enjoy as much natural cleavage as possible without any form of padding in the bikini top and a bottom that holds its shape even after you have submerged from the water.

A great deal of thought has gone into the design and with looking hot and flattering as the foremost aims of the bikini, not to mention the highest quality material and perfect fit too.

The bikini bottom has a ruching at the edge that allows it to maintain its style and flattering look. It actually keeps an image you might see on Copacabana Beach as its design has been deliberately conceived with a Brazilian style in mind.

Whereas the bikini top has an adjustable ruching at the side to allow the wearer to increase or decrease the amount of cleavage you wish to show. But it is the bottoms that really do flatter with ruching that meets in the centre of the material and a shape that hugs the hips and exposes the cheeks in true Brazilian style.

The Brazilian style bikini bottoms had a kind of emergence in North America and Europe during the 1980s but has come to massive popularity in the last 15 years thanks in part to social media, a resurgence in the fitness craze and our ability to take holidays in the warmest regions of the world so much more easily than it would have been decades ago.

It should come as no surprise that these perfect fitting bikinis of the highest quality are getting big hits and likes on social media photo-sharing apps like Instagram. It is helping to drive the popularity of this swimwear to levels never seen before and it would seem the itsy bits of this bikini trend are not about to go anywhere anytime soon.

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