Sometimes there’s just a pink stiletto missing

    There is no possible way you could NOT love a dress that is a season's hit item and has been worn on NYFW runway by Adriana Lima.  The spring-summer collection 2014 in Desigual has been a hit all over the world but there is … [Read more...]

Summery in lace

    This weekend could easily be one of the best in a while!  * It is my first free weekend in a VERY long time! * It was Friday, 13th yesterday and I didn't get even a scratch (that must be something to be proud of!) * It was super … [Read more...]

The very first Chanel

  The lovestory between Chanel and a girl who's in love with fashion is nothing new in this world. In fact, it's a neverending story with complete, utter love! Yeap, that's how poetic you can get when you finally get something that you've … [Read more...]

Prom Inspiration

Faced with prom blues? Confused as to how to have your make-up, hair or what clutch to carry? Well, I am here to sprinkle some prom inspiration before exams start. Other than the dress, hair and make-up is extremely important. With a good head of … [Read more...]

My Passion for Fashion

This shows that if there's passion on something, then there everything on something. Likewise, if there's passion on your fashion, then there is an everything on Fashion. It's not only about the name, but it's about the content too. It likely refers … [Read more...]

Revlon Photoready in Impressionist 505

New baby coming in momma's list of favorites!!! Revlon Photoready Primer+Shadow in Impressionist 505 $33.00 - Although, it's not the matte version, which I love for my everyday makeup, I'd like to think the product is better than Urban Decay's … [Read more...]

Over The Top Nail Art

I can't decide which of these nail designs I love most!  Some are just so darn cute, and some are simply beautiful! I found this over on Pinterest - … [Read more...]

Born Pretty Store

Imagine the one place where you can find absolutely everything you need to feel beautiful - makeup products, jewelry, nail art, hair decoration, clothing, lenses or even adorable Iphone cases - seems too good to be true? Well trust me, it gets even … [Read more...]

H is for Haute 2 Wear

It's not meant for bragging but I had the opportunity to go see Maroon 5 and Kelly Clarkson on Saturday and after that I had a friend's party dinner and celebration to go to. I decided to have an outfit that would be chill enough to use at a concert … [Read more...]

Starting from Beyonce Until Julia Roberts, Madame Tussauds Back Rated Failed to Make a Candle Statue!

If music is considered a general language , as well as with a work of art. Art with interesting innovations can be enjoyed by anyone who saw it, one of which is a wax statue. Who does not know Madame Tussauds? Yup, a museum wax statue located in … [Read more...]