Rock the Dark Lipstick Trend like a Pro

Before you start planning your look for next year, be aware of one thing – dark lipstick is back in town. This murky trend is making a huge comeback and is more hip than ever. And no, it is not only for teenage girls anymore. Dark lipstick has an … [Read more...]

How Can You Make Great Designs And Styles With Custom Tattoos?

How can you get your tattoo customized in best possible way? Well, it’s not difficult task to find right tattoo if you know your needs. Nowadays everywhere you can see tattoos created by people in different ways. You may like some of them and some … [Read more...]

Lob Hairstyles 5 Ways

Lob hairstyles (better known as long bobs) are in high demand since many of succumbed to chopping off our locks this past year. I love my lob, but I am always trying to find different ways to wear it. The following are some of the hairstyles that I … [Read more...]

Choose organic products for your skin type

Makeup has become an everyday item of many a people. And not only recently, but for centuries it has been present as a way of beautifying personal appearance. For example, the Egyptian queen Cleopatra is famous for her beauty and make-up – she even … [Read more...]

Explore The Top Looks For Thanksgiving

When it comes to Thanksgiving celebrations, most of the people seem to be utterly busy in finalizing the dinner menu, decorating the house or party venue and finalizing the gifts for others. However, another element that needs equal consideration is … [Read more...]

How I Went From a Freelancer to a Business Woman

Changes. The word itself gives me the chills. I, for once, was terrified to get out of my comfort zone. Switching from a laid back position to my first serious job was quite a stepping stone in my life. A change as big as this one made me think that … [Read more...]

How To Conquer Multi-Masking

Multi-Masking is a technique of using different treatments for different areas of your face all at the same time. Most people have some sort of combination skin. There may be acne prone areas, dry areas, oily areas, and blackhead areas. Often one … [Read more...]

Kendall Jenner: From Keeping Up with the Kardashians to Victoria’s Secret

This year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show will feature Kendall Jenner, Joan Smalls, and Gigi Hadid, among others. Credit: Peter Michael Dills/Getty Images Kendall Nicole Jenner is an American fashion model and television personality. Jenner … [Read more...]

Fashion Tips for a Hawaiian Vacation

Are you planning the trip of a lifetime to Hawaii? Then you may be wondering what you should pack to be fully prepared to take in your tropical getaway in style. If you're stumped when it comes to what wardrobe essentials you'll need while exploring … [Read more...]

Day to Night Looks with e.l.f. Studio Cosmetics

Recently I met Jenny Armijo who just so happened to be a hair and makeup artist. Our sons became fast friends and, as a result, we got to know each other better. e.l.f. had just sent me some makeup products to test out and it presented me with a … [Read more...]