How To Express Yourself With Clothes

The clothes you wear, how and where you wear them are powerful ways to express yourself without even uttering a word. The colors and style of clothes make a strong nonverbal clue for you to communicate with the people around you. To express yourself … [Read more...]

Apples Real Stock Market Value

One of Apple's largest shareholders believes that Apple Inc is already worth over $1 trillion. Sure their smartphone has made them soar to great heights but isn't it too early to make such claims? But considering the fact that there's still some … [Read more...]

Online trading

I was brought to relief this month when the Stock Exchange Market was given a platform in my country. I was sick and tired of having to harass brokers every time I needed to buy a stock and shares. This annoyance arose particularly from the fact that … [Read more...]

How Will It Affect European Markets

Greece may not pay back the money they owe several European financial institutions, according to unconfirmed rumors which have been circulating around. In the wake of this, European stocks fell. The outcome of the talks will confirm whether Greece … [Read more...]

Greek Default Threat Is Overblown

Must be a slow month for financial news because of all the talk about Greece and its probable default. Yes, it will be tragic to the Greeks. But this will not affect the global economy whatsoever. The only ones who should be concerned about this are … [Read more...]


dvsddvs … [Read more...]

Any plans for Devs to port “Pacific Fleet” over to pc too?

Was under the impression that some extra gameplay was added to the Atlantic sequel. Although I think a Pacific one with equivalent campaign system would be much more fun due to both sides having potent surface navies.Pacific Fleet is much simpler and … [Read more...]

Targeting business or customers?

Usually, you have two big categories of clients for goods: other businesses, selling it to customers or manufacturing it once again, and the customers themselves, which maybe interested in what you sell. Both have really different supply needs and … [Read more...]

Has Kshama Sawant gone too far here?

The council was debating the juvenile-justice issue. Not everyone agrees whether a new jail should be built. But everyone in the room seemed aligned that incarcerating kids is to be avoided, and that other forms of justice and rehabilitation should … [Read more...]

Purchasing raw materials for buisness as sole trader.

I am about to purchase my first raw material order for a soap making buisness, and have what may be a basic silly question. Do I just go ahead and purchase it in my name or should I have on the purchase invoice 'my name' then 'trading as'? Or does … [Read more...]