SHOE COBBLERS saying one thing

Let me first off start by saying one thing: a cobbler is not a shoemaker. This is one thing that bothers me and has just seem to have stuck in people’s heads since the dawn of time. Cobblers, at one point in time, did double as shoemakers and shoe … [Read more...]


There are a lot of shoemakers in Italy. And a lot that many of us have never heard of, including myself. And many of them are extremely good with high level finishing that is on par with the best English makers. But you don’t know about them. Because … [Read more...]


As I have stated before, there seems to be a whole lot of confusion as to how a shoe is made (whether by hand, machine or a bit of both), particularly due to the lack of knowledge from salesmen at retail stores, as well as the misrepresentation of … [Read more...]


It’s always fascinating to see shoe design that has never been done before, and I am quite sure this new chelsea boot byis a unique one for the industry. It certainly is not the first attempt at a brogued chelsea boot but the lines on it are … [Read more...]

Best virtual private cloud server

The Complete Web Hosting Channel, Web Hosting & Data Center Architecture. LiveMNC is one of the best cheap web hosting services provider company in India. We Craft Stunning Websites, App and Digital Marketing. Cheap web hosting … [Read more...]

8 Fun facts about no tie shoe laces.

Elastic no tie shoe laces has changed the world of sneaker wearers completely. Older versions of this type of laces were there but they did not get the attention of many users. What makes no tie shoe laces a trend to live with? 1. You can still … [Read more...]

Which are the Best Mens Canvas Shoes?

It is the responsibility of every man to choose comfortable shoes. This is very essential in preventing injuries or feet problems like calluses, bunions and corns from forming. These conditions may cause unbearable pains and that is the reason why … [Read more...]

The reasons for the wide popularity of Jordan Nike steel toe shoes

When you say Nike, you know the brand comes with a certain quality and purpose. Today, Nike shoes are not just sport shoes but it is a brand preferred by most all over the world. You will find that the brand has a special fan following amongst the … [Read more...]

Getting Private Money Lenders In Singapore

Private money lenders Singapore are usually focused on providing capital to small businesses on an ongoing basis with the intent to generate a recurring stream of income from the interest payments that you will need to make as a small business owner. … [Read more...]

The Five Pairs of Shoes You’ll Need This Summer

Whenever we welcome in a new season it means one thing - shopping! We especially need to invest in new shoes that are fit for the season ahead. When spring has sprung, it's like to wave good but to the boots that got us through the colder months and … [Read more...]