Celebs Who Did It Right – Facelift Edition

We often hear about some disastrous plastic surgeries of the celebrities as well as strange treatments they all like to try out. Still, not every surgery looks bad and some of the famous people proved that they knew exactly what they were doing when they chose to give their faces just a little bit of a lift.

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen is the woman that many love and she deserved this love with her humor and effort to look approachable and relatable to others. Still, this lady improved her looks just right, with a help of facelift, eyelift and possibly botox. However, Ellen remains stylish and recognizable even after these procedures. She knows that the secret is in staying moderate and true to your own self in order to look fresh and radiant according to the age.

Hilary Clinton

Another elegant lady on the list who has undergone facelift is Hilary Clinton. And good for her! Her face looks much more radiant and youthful but she still kept her original gentle features. All compliments to her surgeon and the fact that this famous woman knows exactly what is appropriate and looks good. With the rest of her professional style her face now gives out reassuring radiance and smile.

Kris Jenner

It is no news that someone in Kardashian family resorted to plastic surgery, but when it comes to facelifts, one must admit that Kris Jenner really got everything right. Since people are able to follow the Kardashians on TV and watch everything they do, Kris decided to show her facelift to the world, even though she was a bit scared. Still, there was no reason for fear because her face looks perfectly improved and just enough firmer that it continues to show her recognizable personality.

Megan Fox

It has been speculated whether or not Megan has had a full facelift, but what is sure is that she decided to enhance her beauty with a help of some botox. She decided to target her strong facial points and thus leave the rest of the world even more mesmerized by her looks. Since she is still young, it is quite possible that we will have some news of her undergoing some new and improved facelift techniques, such as MAC’s lift or something even non-surgical, in the future.

George Clooney

One of the best known actors and gentlemen, Gorge Clooney, admitted that he had some surgery done on his face. It is not uncommon for men to do everything they can to improve their looks, especially if they are actors. Some subtle eye and facelift was done on Clooney’s face, making him even more handsome and good-looking than he was before.

It is no surprise that many people today look for role models in celebrities, but some also get put off by the amount of plastic surgeries they have done. The truth is, if done right, procedures such as these can only improve the overall look and confidence, without side effects.

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