Changing Mat and Covers – Why do I need a clean change station for your baby

Changing mat is one of the bare essentials of babies. In fact, before babies are prepared for bath training, they need to change nappies for about 4,500 times. Surely, you will be seeing awful lot of changing mats in a year or two. Because a changing mat is a vital baby item, make sure you don’t economize quality. It needs to hold out numerous nappy changes in the years to come.


Basically, mats are cushioned with elevated padded borders which help in preventing the baby from rolling away, over a wipe-clean cover. There is a wide selection when it comes to design, from traditional to a modern mat. You can choose from the bright-colored cartoon themed and embellished conventional mat, or perhaps a plain mat for simplicity. It is pretty ironic that plain mats cost more as compared to the teddy bear themed variety.

The idea of putting a mat on the floor can be quite tempting if you want to ensure your baby doesn’t fall off. However, if you want a place exclusive for changing nappies, then changing stations are great for you.


Changing unit is furniture commonly placed in a baby’s bedroom. It is stand-alone equipment which has the exact size for a nappy mat. Sometimes, changing stations are even paired with a changing mat and changing mat covers for a guaranteed fit. Also, these units have shelves and drawers which are used to store nappies, cotton, and other personal items.

What makes changing tables great is that it can help you put your baby’s changing equipment in one place. Mommies can place a hanging mobile or a toy to distract him while changing. But the downside is that they can occupy an awfully lot of space in the bedroom. While changing units are useful, they are quite expensive for just one or two years of use.

Should you be really interested in buying your own changing stations, you can solve space issues using wall-mounted changing stations and over-cot tables. These two units can come in handy particularly if you like the concept of changing nappies while standing up. Over-cot changing unit, in particular, can fit past the bars of the cot which can be used separately if your toddler starts using a bed. Wall-mounted stations, on the other hand, are units that you can just fold up when not in use. They feature pockets that can hold changing accessories.

Now, on-the-go mommies will prefer a portable changing mat. Fortunately, you can pack your bags ahead with a nice portable changing mat cover. These changing mat have a feature of wipe-clean surface and towel on both sides. In that way, they can also be used as a play mat.

There is also disposable changing mat that is offered in the market, but they are really not advisable. Although they can be easily wiped clean, they are so expensive. If you add up how much you spent on the packs of disposable changing mats you’ve bought, you would’ve had your own portable changing mat by now.

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