Why Should you not Wear Cotton Clothing when you do Sports?

Put it this way: rather than stay home on the couch, they go well with the cotton t-shirt. But if the excuse is that making the sport not fun because the sweat will soak the t-shirt and socks, then you should change t-shirt and socks.

No, not brand name, just the fabric. Because of synthetic fibers and so-called ‘techniques’ there are plenty of them and all the prices here our vocabulary of sportswear to get out of technical fabrics), but if there is a fabric that does not need to use when you run, bike rides, walks, go to the snow or you generally sport, it’s cotton.

The explanation is very simple: the cotton fabric is naturally hydrophilic. That is, it absorbs water and retains. On the contrary, may retain a quantity of water equal to its weight. And if you are doing sports, you don’t want to wear a garment that weighs double that of when they have taken from the drawer, that is all wet and that will stick to the skin, right?

And not only is there the problem of sweat lingered. Cotton is also a good conductor of heat, which dissipates heat quickly from the body. That is good, you say, at least when it begins to get really hot.

But it is not necessarily an advantage. Do you think you make a stroke, and then stop to admire the view or simply to draw breath: in that situation your cotton t-shirt remains wet and at the same time expels the heat, making you feel a temperature significantly lower than the real one? And a shot of cold is not what you want after a good workout, right?

In short: for your outdoor activities, we suggest you choose the leaders in technical fabric, with health, and the pleasure of sport, we earn.

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