Ever wanted to make an impression with the clothes you wear or wondered which colours suit you the best? Here are some helpful tips.
The first impression is often the lasting one. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that the image you project is a favourable one. To do this, one needs to understand the right kind of colours that complement you and the kind of dress that would suit you best.

The first step to making an impression is in understanding how colours in fashion are classified. Colours are classified according to seasons. If you wear warm colours then you follow a spring colour system. If cool colours are your thing then you are a winter person. In between these two are warm and muted autumn and cool and muted summer.
What colours say about you

We all have our favourite colours whether we accept it or not. Take one look at your wardrobe and you will realise that most of your clothes fall within a specific colour range. The question is which colour really complements you. What kind of patterns should you look for when buying a new dress to ensure that you really make an impression?

The colours that you choose to wear reflect your personality. People who wear predominantly blue shades appear not only cool but peaceful and calm as well. Soft greens and browns will also have the effect of making you appear peaceful. On the other hand, a colour like red will project an image of striking confidence. Red is a colour associated with authority and power. It is important to take into consideration the kind of image that you want to portray and select the colour appropriately. Wearing a colour that contradicts what you want to portray may cause misinterpretations. For example if you are a peaceful yet talkative and determined kind of person and wear red at an interview, you may come across as overbearing.
Colour of your skin tone

These colour seasons not only apply to the colours that suit you, but are also indicative of the colour of your skin tone. You may have a warm skin tone, i.e. you have a yellowish tinge in your skin colour. A cool skin tone would mean a more red-tinted skin. To determine your skin tone, alternatively hold pieces of gold and silver paper next to your face and observe what colour complements your skin. You will realise that one colour complements you better. If gold suits you better then you have a warm skin tone, while if silver looks better you have a cooler skin tone.



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