Different Types of Safety Boots Available in The Market

Safety boots are the special shoes which help in protecting the workers against certain hazards. Few of these are quite formal, and for supervisors who visit these sites, safety footwear is mandatory. Few types of steel-toe footwear have become fashionable in some subcultures like ones associated with punk rock, skinheads, etc.

Those planning to buy a pair of safety shoes must keep in mind that their footwear is in accordance to the legal standards and provide the right kind of safety. While working in any industry, safety concerns include the impact from heavy objects, crush injuries, puncturing of the sole’s by sharp objects, exposure to chemicals, extreme temperatures, electric shocks, etc.

So depending upon the kind of hazards associated with a particular industry, safety footwear are of different types.

Some of the different varieties of safety shoes are discussed below:

Steel Toe boots: Steel Toe boots are the protective footwear which have specially designed toe-caps and several other safety features which include slip resistant and penetration resistant soles. These boots are the most reliable footwear for different workplaces and heavy industries. In the United States, safety boots have various color symbols which indicate the degree and kind of protection that they offer.

Safety trainers: These are quite comfortable shoes for various purposes and look very appealing. These shoes look more casual than and some of these trainer shoes may even have toe-caps made of steel or plastic.

Wellingtons: Wellingtons are special safety boots which are generally made of rubber and used for working in wet and muddy conditions. These could be easily washed every time after usage. These shoes have application in food and chemical industries and protect the workers from showers or puddles. These boots are made of rubber or PVC and are water resistant. These could be used in heavy industries, in chemical industries, agriculture, and for maintaining high hygiene standards in food processing industries.


Clogs: Clogs are a unique variety of safety shoes. These have been used in different parts of the world since ancient times. Traditionally these were made of wood and used in agriculture and mining industry.

Riggers: It got its name from the offshore oil rigs in the North Sea where these shoes were worn by the workers there. Now these are worn by many manual workers as work boots for general purposes. These are basically the pull-on safety boots and could help in protection against certain hazards. These shoes are generally tan colored and may have steel toe caps for added safety. As far as the comfort factor is concerned, these have internal fur linings for long time usage.


Those planning to buy these safety shoes might get the right kind of pair from various stores and online portals. Always remember that these shoes are available in different varieties according to the type of hazards.

These are made of special materials and are at times even legally mandated for different kind of industries. The markings on boot labels indicate various national or international standards that these boots are expected to follow. So always give priority to your safety and get the required accessories for the same.


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