Different Types of Summer Dresses for Women Online

Dresses and summers go hand in hand, and it’s time to find the perfect summer dress for you. Check out our list of top 10 dresses to wear this season.

If you were to pick just one type of outfit and stick to it for the rest of your life, we are sure that most women would choose to go with “Dresses.” Just think about it. Are they not the first outfit you reaching for when you want to step out in style?

Dresses look flattering on all women. Period.

Unlike jeans or skirts, that need you to scramble to find the right top to wear with, dresses are headache-free. You just need to get into them, slip on your favourite heels, pick your bag and done. You’re all set to rock the day!

Now, that summer is here, it’s time to rest your jeans, jackets, and blazers until the next time and start scrounging online dresses for women. Grab a glass of lemonade while you scout through stores like FabAlley and get ready to ogle at our favourite trending summer dresses this season.



#1: Maxi Dresses

You will practically live through summer in one of these. It’s so stylish and body forgiving, which make it a must-have this season. With so many prints, colours and cuts, it’s perfect for holidays, evenings or casual lunches.

#2: Midi Dresses

These have made a huge comeback and have arrived in style. They are versatile: A-cuts, retro, form-fitted, classic – they are perfect for office wear, casual outfits or as a cocktail dress. Pair them with flat sandals, and you’re all set for summer.

#3: Beach Summer Dress

Summer is incomplete without these. Colourful, wild, printed, short, crazy neon, frilly – the key features of a beach dress. Some of them are even dressy enough to qualify as casual day wear and for cocktails at the beach during the evenings.


#4: Flirty Dresses

Chiffon, georgette, and silks in all cuts, colours, and styles. These dresses are the epitome of girly playfulness and are perfect for summer parties, dinners or even for a romp around town.

#5: White Dresses

Ahhh! Summer’s quintessential style and the crowning glory of all summer dresses. Feminine, classy, fresh, sexy all rolled into one. It enhances your glorious summer kissed skin like none other. It goes with anything, and you can wear them anywhere.

#6: Black Dresses

Now, this one’s a bit controversial. Summer and black don’t usually mix, but for the last couple of years, little black numbers have been spotted in summer. Cami, maxi, midi, mini – an LBD works well during the hot summers too.

#7: Floral Dresses

The very definition of summer is these floral numbers. As the flowers explode in the countryside, it’s about right they should be on your dress too. Ideal for work, perfect for weekends, this one will surely be your go-to piece for this season.

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