Discover A World Of Luxury In Orogold Cosmetics

The magic in OROGOLD Cosmetics isn’t exactly a hard to find secret, it is actually one that has been handed down throughout history and one that even has roots in ancient Egypt.  The use of gold goes hand in hand with images of luxury as well as royalty and it is no wonder gold is considered a “precious” metal.  OROGOLD Cosmetics sets out to capitalize on the same thing Cleopatra understood – that is, that gold works miracles!  Cleopatra understood this when she infused the precious metal into her own ancient sleeping mask.  A variation on this infusion is one OROGOLD Cosmetics uses today, it is through this combination of radiant and pure gold mixed with our own blend of cosmetics that makes OROGOLD Cosmetics such a successful product in your skin care regime.  By combining precious metals with our exclusive ingredients OROGOLD Cosmetics has refined our cosmetics to produce a powerful product that is known around the world.  Within our expansive product line OROGOLD Cosmetics provides access to gold-infused moisturizers, masks, eye care and other daily essential products designed to make you look and feel years younger.

Orogold Cosmetics Product Line

The OROGOLD Cosmetics product line includes popular skin care regimes such as eye care, neck and body care as well as oil control.  You’ll also hear a lot about our 24K products that are included in each of the major cosmetic focus areas such as:

  • Moisturizers
    • The OROGOLD Cosmetics moisturizing line includes items for men and women. Moisturizing products target areas such as your neck and eyes, there are also facial moisturizers found in the OROGOLD Cosmetic 24K product line.
  • Daily Essentials
    • Daily essentials include such products as 24K Deep Peeling, 24K Deep Day Moisturizer & 24K Deep Renewal Night Crème
  • Masks
    • OROGOLD’s 24K masks include products like Oil Control & Deep Tissue Rejuvenation.
  • Serums & Boosters
    • Serums and Boosters focus on those “trouble spots”, under the eyes or the neck, they can even provide overnight care and lifting. The 24K serums include a variety of products including 24K Nano Night Recovery and 24K DAME Lift.  You can even try the exclusive Nano Ultra Silk for that special anti-aging formula

The selections above are just a small sample of the products click here to visit OROGOLD Cosmetics offers.  Of course we target other areas such as the eyes, neck and body.  If you have sensitive or oily skin there are products formulated exclusively for you.

OROGOLD Cosmetics even have a Men’s Line featuring an extensive line of products for men as well including our exclusive 24K Pre-Shave Facial Serum and After Shave Balm.  Men can also use their own specially formulated 24K Moisturizer and Deep Pore Cleaner.

Discover the orogold cosmetics experience for yourself!

With all these choices within the OROGOLD Cosmetics products you can take care of all your beauty needs.  Why spend countless hours and money at a spa when you can bring a professional spa experience home in a bottle of OROGOLD Cosmetics?  Though the company founded in the United States in 2008 a global expansion into 22 countries brings OROGOLD Cosmetics closer to you no matter where you live.  Look for us in fine stores around the globe.

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