Does anyone have experience with Carmina shoes for women?

So finding comfortable, quality dress shoes for my wife has been an ongoing project. I was perusing the Carmina website last night and noticed that they also sell women’s shoes. My wife agreed that she liked some of the offerings and I have been trying to get her into a smaller heal or even flats for some time now. I own a pair of Carmina’s and have read enough about them to be convinced these are quality shoes at a reasonable (not cheap by any means) price. I think we will take the plunge sometime in the next few months and try out a pair that she can wear with a suit or more casually with slacks and a sport coat or sweater. Has anyone here had actual experience with their women’s shoes? Opinions on quality? Fit? Sizing?
C&J also has some nice women’ shoes but at a higher price point.
On another question, I have long wondered if it would be possible to just figure out what size she would be in men’s shoes and get her some quality flats that way. Have any of you lady’s ever tried wearing men’s dress shoes? I can see no major difference between her top siders or her penny loafers and mine. Appreciate any help.


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