Embrace your curvy bodies: style guide

I’ve recently seen a YouTube video of a girl testing out different skincare products to try and eliminate the annoying chub rub (rash induced by thigh friction). This lovely girl was completely in love with her chunky, beautiful thighs that she became an inspiration for all curvy girls out there.

Accept your gorgeous body regardless of its current shape and size, and you’ll see many stylish options you’ve never considered before are possible. Life’s too short for fashion rules and society telling you what you can and cannot wear. Here’s a mix of great curvy-proof suggestions for all the stunning fashionistas out there.

Ruching effect



Celebrity chef Rachael Ray made wrap dresses famous, and they are  brilliant pieces for all body types that work really well for curvaceous ladies. Ruched and adjustable items are a great way to conceal the trouble parts, and exude elegance at the same time. Fitted gowns can make anyone with a tiny bit of extra weight feel body conscious and uncomfortable, while gathered, drapery dresses smartly camouflage or soften some of our features, like belly and hips.

Shapewear-underwear killer duo

Adequate underwear and shapewear is something every girl should have in her closet. Spanx or any other quality alternative can smoothen the potential bumps and irregularities masterfully. These will also enhance your figure at all the right places without leaving any visible lines.

When underwear is concerned, you wouldn’t believe the difference the right bra makes. Ask your local store assistant to measure you up and recommend you the bra size and design accordingly. Lastly, remember that a good bra will provide solid back support for your breasts.

Rock that body shape



The women’s clothing market is booming, making it easier for girls of all sizes and shapes to find their niche. You should start your pursuit by defining your body type. For instance, hourglass shaped girls have smaller waist with pronounced hips and shoulders. To keep it balanced, they should focus on tiny midsection and abstain from bulking the shoulder and hip regions.

Pear-shaped girls have somewhat wider hips and should therefore concentrate on adding volume to the shoulder area and focus on their tiny waist with ruffled tops, A-line skirts and high-rise pants. On the other hand, apple-shaped beauties carry a bit more weight in their upper body, while they’re legs are usually miles long and slim. Their goal should be to elongate their torso and show off those killer legs.

Classic black

Most of us are familiar with the slimming effect dark-coloured clothes can produce, but fit and proportion are not to be neglected either. All-black ensemble can be a quick and classy solution for curvy girls, as long as it’s paired with interesting accessories of different tint or texture. This is a great opportunity to play with chunky belts, bold neon earrings and flower-print shoes that can tastefully highlight your outfit.

Hide and accentuate



Layering is a great method to hide the widest section of your body without resorting to unflattering baggy or oversized clothes. Jackets are a perfectly simple and chic solution that goes well with everyday combinations and formal attire alike. By making your shoulders appear broader, you’ll create the illusion of a trim midsection. Lastly, sleeveless variants are invariably chic and subtly reduce those wild, rambunctious hips.


This one’s from one and only Kim K who’s also a member of the bodacious beauties club: anything you wear should be tailored in accordance with your body proportions, not too clingy and not too large. Finding an affordable and skillful tailor can be a challenge, but it’s definitely worth it. Sometimes a little tweak such as shortened hemline can transform a sloppy ensemble into your favourite piece.

Don’t let the Anna Wintours of the world cramp your style and stop you from looking fabulous. Flaunt those fantastic curves, but make sure the clothes fits your body shape and accentuates your finest assets.

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