Fashion in the 20th Century vs. Fashion Today

The fashion trends change every year, floral dresses may look nice right now but tomorrow stripes will look better. So, should you get rid of your wardrobe and accessories when they go out of style? The answer is no. My grandmother once told me, fashion is a series of recycling.  Your clothes may be outdated today but time will come it will be trendy again. I never actually believed her until I see chokers gaining popularity in last year.


Favorite Style of the 20th century

Fashion centuries ago are colorful and fun despite the war and social movements. Women and men wore luxurious hats, suits and party dresses. To give you an insight on people dress up in the 1900s onwards, here is the list of notable styles in the 20th century.


Women wore an Edwardian corset which helps dramatically reduce the size of their waist while curving the back at the same time. The corset is secured tightly, and women may feel discomfort while wearing the undergarment.


During the Jazz Age, the flapper dress is the most famous outfit.  The corset was no longer fashionable as women started embracing their natural figures. The bob haircut also gained popularity in the 20’s, women cut their hair short and wear a flapper headband to achieve a feminine look.


Puff sleeves are preferred over shapeless dresses since it accentuates women’s curves better.


 Fashion was put on halt as the war broke in this era. Utility uniform inspired dresses became in demand. Designs are monotonous, and women used scraps to make their clothes since materials are limited. Two-piece bikinis adorned with lace and jewels were widely accepted as swim wears.


After the end of the war, people started wearing expensive dresses and skirts again. The poodle skirt became fashion favorites as well as knee-length skirts, chansonnette bra, cardigans, oxfords, saddle shoes, go-go boots and bulk belts. Cat eye glasses become favorites of by famous actresses such as Marilyn Monroe.


Pearls were a symbol of class and femininity. They were also popular in the middle ages. Pillbox Hats that help keep the hair neat tuck are also the most prominent hair accessory.


It’s the year of social change, and women bravely sport freedom, crop tops, and denim shorts not only in films but real life as well. Bell Bottoms were also hugely popular and everyone is wearing the comfy jeans.


Shoulder pads became a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. Oversized sunglasses, heart shaped glasses, and aviators are must haves too.


Floral Dresses sans the shoulder pads, jean jackets, ankle socks, platform shoes, and Keds are the wardrobe staple during the 90’s since fashion that time was all about comfort. The popularity of men’s suits started to decline since they started going to work wearing jeans and a pair of Chuck Taylors.


Track suit gained massive fame, and Hollywood personalities love the comfy combos. UGG boots are also the most coveted pair of shoes. Awkward as it may seem, women wear undergarments as outerwear thankfully the trend ended quickly.


We’ve seen past fashion favorites returned to the scene, floral dresses, crop tops, boots, oversized glasses, flat shoes name it and people of today have worn it.

People nowadays are creative when it comes to fashion. They can easily combine vintage costumes from previous eras without exerting too much effort. Perhaps it’s not the price or style that makes an outfit work. It’s the way how a person carries it.

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