Fashion Inspiration from New York Fashion Week Street Style

Even though New York Fashion Show is over, don’t despair. There’s inspiration to be found away from the runways as well. The streets of NYC are booming with stylish and interesting outfits that will blow your fashion sense away, so take careful notes from these New York Fashion Show street style icons.

BeFunky Collage

Super casual

It seems that some New Yorkers got tired of looking polished and dapper this season, and started dabbling with true street style. Well-worn jeans, denim shirts knotted around the waist, big grungy vests and baseball hats rule this super casual style. New Yorkers are also known for their non-censured “I don’t give a…” attitude, so this laid-back approach looks amazing when mixed with a bit of sass.


The streets of Manhattan were flooded with deconstructed coats, shirts and pants. You could see intentionally awkwardly tailored necklines and slashed cuffs. Some say that that look is too messy for them, but we say go for it. It’s a great balance between casual and chic.

Blanket scarf and Fedora

Bright colours

Even though most outfits were black, white and grey, there were a few colours that stood out on the streets of NYC this Fashion Week that made us optimistic that colours are back in style. An uplifting marigold and bright spring-sky blue have potential to become colours of 2018 everyone wants to wear. You can incorporate them in details or go all-in with a head-to-toe sky blue outfit, depending on how bold you are.

Oversized coats

Find a collection of photos from any Fashion Week this fall and see how many people can you spot wearing oversized puffer jackets and coats. The number’s going to be high, we promise. Super-sized puffer jackets, especially in scarlet, will probably be remembered as a 2017 street style must-have, so if you don’t already have one, get it now.

Suit up

If you doubt that random street fashionistas know how to dress, then you must trust style icons such as Cate Blanchett, Diane Keaton and Natasha Lyonne and all of them are styling some mean suits. Maybe it’s because of that back-to-school atmosphere, or that people simply feel powerful and sexy in suits, but more and more women decide to ditch the girly shirts and skirts and opt for a cool and chic suit. There are many different styles on the street right now, but the buttoned-up look with a tie is still the most popular one. No matter which style you choose, you’ll feel like million bucks.

Hair goes natural

Wear that dress

Even though the street style is more about worn-out jeans and edgy combinations, dresses were not excluded from the streets of Manhattan this year. No matter what material, length, size and pattern you choose, just be bold with your choice. For instance, check out some floral dresses online, find your perfect match and pair it with casual sneakers or Converse shoes and don’t forget to finish off your outfit with an oversized worn-out denim shirt or a punkish leather jacket. It’s a great look for either a night out or just cruising around town.

Let it rain

Slick vinyl, upscale anoraks and layered trench coats make dressing for damp weather a cinch. Long and oversized trench coats are where it’s at this fall. You can pair them up with basically anything, from Converse All Stars to leather booths with a high heel, this year there are no rules. Another quite popular look on the NYC streets was slick vinyl coats that not only look super modern and stylish but also come in very handy during a fall downpour. If rain really bothers you, grab an oversized umbrella and completely protect your outfit and hair.  

So, don’t be scared to steal one of two looks from these style geniuses just to get the hang of it, and let your third outfit be completely original and unique. Happy Fashion Show everyone!

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