Fashion Movements That Are Influencing Beauty Trends

Fashion and beauty are inherently intertwined. Each one fuels and influences the other since pulling a look together blends clothes, makeup and hair styling all at once. Hair and makeup are so important, designers spend almost as much time deciding on those factors before a show as they do on the clothing.

Some trends like the little black dress and winged eyeliner are classics that show up season after season. However, many more looks are based on what’s happening at the moment. Here are the current fashion movements that influencing beauty trends in a big

The Shortest of Shorts

One of the hottest fashion trends right now is also impacting hair removal. Today’s shorts are shorter than ever, which is increasing the need for finding the best waxing kit possible.

If you were at Coachella this year, then you were certain to see a number of girls sporting shorts. High-waisted shorts with nothing below the back pockets were the norm. While most ladies aren’t daring enough to go that short with their shorts, it does highlight the importance of removing unwanted hair for a number of summer ensembles. From teeny bikinis to sundresses, a warm weather wardrobe is always going to show more skin.

Flat-Brimmed Baseball Caps

We can all thank the SoCal girls for popularizing baseball caps in women’s fashion. Needless to say, it’s making waves in how hair is styled. Gone are perfectly primed and straighten hair. Locks are now a lot less fussy and informal just like baseball caps.

You can expect to see lots of young women sporting tousled, untamed manes and braids with caps this summer. Braided ponytails also pair perfectly with most cap styles.

Model Worthy Eyebrows

The trend towards thick, luscious eyebrows can be largely attributed to one woman – fashion model and actress Cara Delevingne. She proves that sometimes it’s the models not the clothes that create fashion and beauty movements. When she started walking down catwalks a few years ago people began paying more attention to her brows that the threads she was wearing.

Now gals are forgoing heavy tweezing in favor of filling in their eyebrows so they’re more prominent like Cara D’s. Many makeup artists now consider brow powders and gels to be just as important as mascara. Some stars like Demi Lovato have even confessed to using Latisse to grow their brows thicker.

Catwalk Nail Colors

Nail polish is a beauty product that is always coming up with new options from one season to the next. But why is it some colors end up being the must-have hue?

Many designers will dream up their own nail colors based on the fabrics in their latest collection. Models’ nails are perfectly painted to polish off the look. Then the cameras start flashing. Fashion and beauty magazines will quickly note all the hottest colors of the season and their own personal picks. Next those colors start showing up in stores where they are picked up by fashionistas that post pics of their manicure on Instagram.

Designers fully understand how popular their shades can become after a runway show. Burberry recently set Twitter on fire by offering three of their nail polishes for sale right after their Spring 2015 show.

See Now, Buy Now Shows

Earlier this year a few major designers like Michael Kors announced they were bucking the traditional fashion season and showing collections whenever they want. Furthermore, they are going to make the clothing shown immediately available. That means there will no longer be months of waiting before looks hit the streets.

The change in fashion show formatting has some beauty insiders questioning how it will affect their industry, because it undoubtedly will. Most likely the beauty trends that accompany clothes will get fast-tracked as well. Those innovative looks from the runway can be recreated more quickly because beauty products will be made available almost immediately.

It’s also expected that this will have an even greater impact on beauty trends since the less expensive beauty products are accessible to more people. The see now, buy now model will probably give the beauty industry a huge boost in sales and catapult trends because people are more likely to try them right after they hit the runway. The beauty lines that are set to see the largest gains are ones owned by designers like Chanel and Armani.

Have you noticed a few corresponding fashion and beauty trends? Share your favorites with us in the comments section.

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