Fashion Trend Spring-Summer 2017 Metal Effect Clothing

Fashion Metal Overflow Keep your eyes entertained – fashion metal is not your first season! Futurists have brought colorful clothes to the top of this entire trend and this season – polished “space” costumes, molten gold and silver, sparkles in copper, bronze and perfume. Retro wrinkle skirts and sequins decorations, futuristic shines bring with him from the 80’s – the original cutting and cutting edge materials, well, there is always “precious metals” in the evening way.

Whether it is evening dress, “chrome” coat, gray pants or “metal” sneakers – can not retract the metal effect clothing. The designers are not ashamed of suggesting, and wearing shiny days as well as weekdays for parties and celebrations. The most fashionable metal silver has appeared in the “fresh” silver shimmer and you can find a collection of dresses and pants, coats and shoes, handbags and jewelry.

Which clothes to dress with metal effect?

No comment: Evening dress – shining from head to toe! The everyday fashion does not prohibit the overall appearance of the metal. A popular ensemble – the “night” shiny top or shirt pants. Related pants or shorts suit?.

Sunlight can be a little “prigasit”. The most original way is a combination of metal fabric and grunge style. For this purpose is a fine leather jacket or parka.

Another fashionable fusion mix shiny pants, blouses or ethnic succinct “tops” (long sleeve, tops or T-shirts) in a sporty way.

Perfectly suits casual fashion suits – coat, jacket, light coat. Complementing a casual style ensemble, the metal light gives a distinctive “space” charm and glamour to the outerwear image!

White is the best of all metal shapes, also he looks black and dark blue. The clothes in the shades of yellow, orange and red look so impressive “Metallized”.

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