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Hello Fashionistas, It’s Gabriella speaking! I hope everyone is having a fabulous sunday and I can’t wait to see some weekend outfits (wink). It’s time to present to you our new Featured Fashionista! Anne registered a couple of months ago and almost daily uploads different kinds of amazing posts that really contribute.  Check out her posts to see what trends are in and haute 2 wear them! What I think is really special about Anne is that at her age she looks flawless and knows how to work all the trends. Check out her amazing interview to get to know her better

1. Full Name: Anne Dofelmier

2. Age: 46
3. Location:Seattle, WA

4.Tell us a little bit about your life: I am a mother of two and a military wife. My background is in Commercial Photography and I worked for Macys advertising for 9 years. I left Macys in 2003 when my husband went on his first military overseas tour. He was gone for 18 months in Iraq and I felt I needed to be at home with my then 3 year old daughter. It was at this time that I began to dabble in personal styling. I get such a thrill out of putting together an outfit in the morning. Call me cheesy, but to me it is like getting to create a piece of art each day. I wanted other women to feel that same excitement when they got dressed. Interestingly, I am an extreme introvert and quite shy. Most people assume the opposite and I think that is in large part due to my fashion risks. I actually use fashion as my armor in uncomfortable social situations. I think I come across as somewhat of a girly girl, but actually, I am quite the tomboy. As a child I was always trying to be the son my father never had. I took up boxing for awhile and was a registered amateur. I once went 20 rounds with a former heavy weight pro. I also love to go salmon fishing. My largest catch to date is 36 pounds.

5.  Tell us a little bit about your life: My two children are ages 16 (daughter) and 7 (son). My daughter has developed an interest in fashion over the years. She is currently experimenting with the grunge look. She is always surprised by my knowledge of how to put a grunge look together and I have to remind that I lived it the first time. My son is actually interested in fashion in so much as he wants to wear whatever I want him to wear. He is such a pleaser.
6. What do they think about your fashion blogging? With regards to what they think about my blog, I was surprised to learn that my 16 year old is actually proud of the fact that I write one. She actually tweeted one day ”Proud to say that I’m not embarrassed to go shopping with my mom #daughterofafashionblogger”. That pretty much made my year.

7. Are there any trends you wouldn’t want your daughter to wear? I wouldn’t say that there are really trends I don’t want my daughter to wear, but I do try to impress upon her that she always needs to look respectful. I don’t care how much we shouldn’t judge people, we all judge each other within the first 10 seconds of meeting one another and the way you present yourself is a big piece of that.
8. Are there any trends you would never wear? The only trend I can’t see myself ever wearing is the socks with Birkenstocks. The PNW (Pacific Northwest) pretty much invented this trend and there is a reason it was made fun of for so many years. It is not a good look.

9. How is the style scene where you live? I have to say the style scene in the PNW is mildly depressing. People here have such an obsession here with polar fleece and I find everything way too casual. People barely look like they have taken off their pajamas half the time when they show up to work. And jeans and a tee are perfectly acceptable for a wedding. It is definitely a PNW lifestyle, but my personal view is that it is counterproductive. I think when you put effort into yourself you put that much more effort into everything else you do.
10. How do you stay true to your style where you live in terms of weather? Staying true to my style in the PNW is an interesting challenge. I know I stand out because most people think I am way to overdressed. My feeling is there is no such thing. On the plus side, because we have so much cold weather, I get to experiment with layering on a daily basis. The down side is that I love pumps and they are not the most practical shoe for this area.
11. How has moving around a lot helped your style? Despite being a military wife, I have not had to move around much. I grew up in CA, went to college in OR (Go Ducks) and landed in WA shortly after college. My husband has done another two tours since 2003, but they are not to places the family would be able to go anyway. We just get the pleasure of sitting at home waiting for his return. I did however get to travel quite a lot as a child. My parents are both British and I am the very first American born in the family. We traveled to Europe to see family quite a bit and with my father being an aeronautical engineer I was able to see much of the world including Holland, Belgium, Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and a brief stint living in New Zealand. I have been able to experience many cultures and I think this all plays into my own style.
12. Who is your style icon (or icons) and what makes you admire them? My current style icons are actually other bloggers. I am obsessed with Blair Eadie of Atlantic-Pacific and with Courtney Kerr from What Courtney Wore. I love that they wear bold outfits yet somehow still come across as totally classic. I find myself constantly trying to recreate some of their looks. I also idolize Iris Apfel. If I have an ounce of her style at that age, I will be happy. She is amazing.
13.Who are your favorite designers? One of my favorite designers is Alexander Wang. I am so intrigued by the lines and the cuts of his creations. I adore the edginess of his designs. Another one of my favorite designers Kal Rieman. I had the pleasure of meeting her during one of my trips to New York and she is so sweet and down to earth. Her collections have a menswear inspiration to them and they are beautifully cut. Her double collar shirts are to die for. I would take one in every color.
14. What is it that you hope to achieve in the fashion world? What I would like to achieve in the fashion world is to be respected as a voice of authority on helping women find their own unique style. My ultimate dream would be to be able to support my family doing what I love while residing in NYC.
15. If you could change something about the fashion world, what would it be and why? I don’t actually feel that I would change something about the fashion world. Rather, I would like to change women’s perceptions. Time again we hear women complain about how women are portrayed in fashion. But, the reality is, it is not the advertisers job to be socially responsible. Their job is to sell a product. It is our own job to decide how we feel about ourselves. And it is our own job to not let others define us. We need to stop blaming others for our insecurities and instead focus on what it is we love about our unique selves.
16. Do you see any indication that the fashion world is changing? The changes that I have noticed in the fashion world are that more brands are carrying extended sizes in petites and plus size. Also, I have noticed how much more bloggers are being represented in fashion magazines. This is a very exciting time in fashion right now.
17.  What makes you different than other bloggers? I think what makes me stand out from other bloggers is predominantly, my age. Let’s face it, I am on the older end of the spectrum for a blogger. That being said, it is the women in my age group that have the expendable income and I think that is an area that brands could utilize and target. My blog can speak to women in a way that younger bloggers can’t. My blog strives to help women style all areas of their lives including what to wear to work, what to wear for a night out, and what to wear when being mom.
18. Your personal fashion philosophy: My fashion philosophy is ”Try it, try it, try it.” When one of my clients tells me she can’t wear something, that is the first thing I make her try. As women, we spend so much time worrying about what we can’t wear and what we don’t like about ourselves. I tell my clients that they need to focus on where there are right at this moment of their lives and love themselves right there. After all, if you can’t love yourself, why in the world should anyone else?
19.  If you could have any piece designer or vintage in the world, what would it be? A one of a kind custom tailored gown by Oscar de la Renta.


Check out some of her pics and check out her blog too dailyfashionmuse.com





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