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As of today I will feature one of my very esteemed users each month. The feature will include an interview, outfit pics and links to your social media networks. The purpose of this is to have everyone who visits the website not only know your face and fashion sense but also know a little bit about you and your views of the fashion world. The fashionistas will be picked at random, everyone will have a chance to be it as long as they’re posting and a registered user.

The rules for being a featured fashionista are:

– being a registered user

– having posts of your outfits or your fashion articles, posts that are irrelevant will not be considered

– 0 history of abusing fellow users

Haute2Wear’s first featured fashionista is Epp. I have had the opportunity to talk to Epp through e-mail and have grown to know her and know that she is such an amazing human being. Personally, I really respect the fact that she defies everything that has stopped me from dressing up. I can’t believe she’d rock such cool outfits with it being so cold where she lives. As a fellow curvy girl, I couldn’t be more happy to see her rocking such hot outfits and looking fierce.

I had the opportunity to know her a little bit more when I interviewed this lovely lady. Check it out!

Full Name – Epp Krusenvald
– 20

Where do you live?
I live in a tiny city called Tartu that is located in Estonia – a picturesque country in northern Europe.

How is the style scene where you live?
Estonians are very very simple, practical and rafined people: they don’t tend to go bold with style experiments, they’d rather stay on the background with subtle colors and comfortable clothes. If it’s practical, it’s good! In women’s fashion overall jeans and flats/sneakers are the ruling items and the ones that are “socially acceptable”.

How do you stay true to your style where you live in terms of weather?
Living in a northern country it’s very challenging during winter months – it’s not the easiest task to dress stylish when it’s -20 degrees outside. However, layering is my key here and it always helps me out. I rarely go to that jeans-and-hoodie comfort-zone and stay true to my feminine, girly side. Thicker tights, nice fabrics and good, warm coat on top and I’m good to go! It’s all about the choice: whether we go comfy or stay bold, finding different angles of dressing according to the weather situation that can get rather harsh sometimes.

Who is your style icon (or icons) and what makes you admire them?
There are many amazing women I admire a lot but the top ones for me are Audrey Hepburn, Kristina Bazan and Katy Perry. Not only are they absolutely amazingly beautiful, elegant and feminine from top to toe, they are strong, vibrant personalities who have achieved so much and they only give me the strength to carry on with the dreams I pursue!

Who are your favorite designers?
I must say it’s something that constantly changes but overall I can’t get enough of Vivienne Westwood’s extravagance and Chanel’s elegance.

What is it that you hope to achieve in the fashion world?
Currently I pursue career in other ways and don’t have that certain vision but I definitely want to stay in the fashion industry and maybe continue in the management/media part of it. I love to design clothes as well so maybe I will someday do my own designs! Who knows what the future holds!

What is it that you hope to achieve in life?
In life overall, currently building my career is the top priority and I want to build so called “empire” – creating my own company, giving something to the world, being my own boss and running my own things. I want to be big, do big things and go bigger, bolder, better!

If you could change something about the fashion world, what would it be and why?
If there’s anything I could change, I would say: “Take it easier!” There is no need to show spring collection when it’s autumn outside or send spring collection to stores when it’s winter. Fashion world right now is not client orientated – it’s profit orientated. Fashion industry gives me the feeling all they pursue is getting loads of money instead of thinking what clients, people actually want. They don’t want to see summer dresses when it’s -25 degrees outside!

Do you see the fashion world changing?
In fact in the recent years I’ve noticed fashion world undergoing changes and I think it’s only continuing! People are getting bolder with their opinions and they are not afraid to raise the voice to speak up and tell the industry what’s wrong. All the old stereotypes and cliches are changing and I only hope to see things going towards better future. :)

What makes you different than other bloggers?
Though blogging world is so big and colorful, what makes me different is the fact I’m not so much of a traditional girl – not a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes,skinny legs and glamourous life. I show people all over the world that it doesn’t matter what you look like because we are ALL beautiful and we can all achieve whatever we set our mind to!

Your personal fashion philosophy?
If it makes you happy and feel good about you, it’s the right thing! Never go towards the style or item that is “trendy” and “in” – go towards the one YOU like. It can be hard to choose between those two, but once you realize the power your mind and heart have, you can see great things. Follow the instinct :)









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