Featured Fashionista: Hazel Kim

Hello Fashion’s Hautest! That time of the month again has arrived, our new Featured Fashionista. This daring woman behind the Skimple Life knows how to dress well but is giving us a look into her life abroad. As a woman that struggles with body issues (who doesn’t) I find it very amazing and inspiring not seeing someone with the same issues hiding behind leggings and long sweaters (guilty as charged). Take a look inside her life and her fashion modus operandi and also check out her website: www.theskimplelife.com

1. Full Name: Hazel Kim


2. Age: 35


3. Where do you live?

A Chicago native, but living abroad. Currently living in Malaysia (only lived in Malaysia for less then a year) but will be moving to Singapore in June.


4.  How is the style scene where you live?

Hm…. It’s very different from what I’m used to in the states. Malaysia is predominately a muslin country so some of the girls are fully covered but with great fashion sense. You will see awesome jewelry adorned on their clothes or a unique twist to add a fashion statement. Everyone has their own individual fashion sense and I absolutely love it.


5. How do you stay true to your style where you live in terms of weather?

I would like to think that the clothes I gravitate to are clothes that are comfortable. Mmmm… my style is always changing but as long as I feel comfortable in what I’m wearing I’m ok. Plus… I love to accessorize so no matter what type of weather I’m usually adorned with mass layers of accessories.


6. Who is your style icon (or icons) and what makes you admire them?

Mary Kate Olsen. She always looks so comfortable in her clothes. Everything looks effortless without a care in the world. That is how I would like to think my style is.


7. Who are your favorite designers?

Oooh.. That’s hard because they are all over the board. I love Alexander Wang, Ricardo Tisci, Rick Owen, Martin Maison Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester, Karl Lagerfeld, Comme Des Garcon & Alexander McQueen. I could list more but I think I should stop. It’s always changing. *haha*


8. What is it that you hope to achieve in the fashion world?

Tough question…. Not sure how to answer that.


9. What is it that you hope to achieve in life?

To always be true to myself and be happy.  Also….to be able to check off my bucket list of places to travel and things to do =)


10. If you could change something about the fashion world, what would it be and why?

Not to be self conscious of yourself but to play with fashion as a source of your own expression. Everyone may not agree with what your wearing but as long as long as your true to yourself that’s all that should matter. Everyone may not agree with what you’re wearing now but hey who knows couple years later it could be the new trend. =)


11. Do you see the the fashion world changing?

Fashion world is always changing. How can it not. From the designers, to the design itself and even people attending the fashion shows.


12. What makes you different than other bloggers?

I’m not sure if I’m different from any of the bloggers but I would like to think that I dress to my own fashion sense. It may be all over the board sometimes but as long as I’m comfortable in what I’m wearing that’s all that matters.


13. Your personal fashion philosophy

Have fun with fashion. Everyone has their own different style and taste.


14. What are your favorite colors and prints to wear, regardless of the season?

My favorite color in terms of clothes is easy. It’s usually black, white or grey. I’ll throw in a bit of color once in awhile but I do like my basics.


15. What trend is something you would never wear?

I don’t think I could wear any crop tops or body conscious outfits. I always get very self conscious about myself and I love to wear clothes that I’m comfortable in.


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Check her out


instagram: @theskimplelife

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