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It’s that time of the month again, It’s time for our new Featured Fashionista. This month’s featured fashionista is Faith from the Philippines. Faith has demonstrated versatility at the tender age of 18. Not many people have the capacity to play around with different styles and look completely effortless in all of them. I’ve seen all of Faith’s posts and in each one she has created an amazing outfit that looks amazing but also down to earth. Saying that her look is down to earth means that all her outfits look like something all of us could wear and that inclines me to love her more each post. If you like what Faith has got to say check out her fashion blog: http://www.deguzmanfaith.com/

So I give to you Faith and her story…


1. Full Name

Faith Marie O. de Guzman


2. Age



3. Where do you live?

Cebu City, Philippines


4.  How is the style scene where you live?

Where I’m from, the weather is tropical. The style scene leans towards comfort. It’s always sunny here so therefore you see a lot of girls in short skirts, shorts and shades! In my city, the girls here are quite trendy and up to date with the latest. But you can always distinguish a certain Cebuana style. Fresh, young and hip.


5. How do you stay true to your style where you live in terms of weather?

I always make sure I have my “signature game” on. Like how I play with my accessories, my makeup (especially) and also being particular with scent. Weather can be very tricky. I like playing with colors and ensembles, so I guess that’s where I know I could stay true to my own personal style.


6. Who is your style icon (or icons) and what makes you admire them?

My God, where do I even begin. Hahaha hmm… I’ve always been a big fan of Olivia Palermo, the character of Serena van der Woodsen and Kylie Jenner. It depends, really. It changes from day to day since I’d like to keep myself inspired most of the time. But there is one person who I will admire forever, it’s Niki Takesh. Her style always go along with her personality–bold and confident–and that’s one thing I love about her. She’s still stuck in that 90’s-2000’s pop phase and that’s something we have in common.


7. Who are your favorite designers?

Jeremy Scott and Marc Jacobs, hands down. They’re heaven sent.


8. What is it that you hope to achieve in the fashion world

Apart from being a Makeup Artist and a freelance stylist and blogging about it in between, I also want to become a fashion lawyer, which by the way I’m studying right now. (Yay me!) There’s not much in our country and I’d like to become one of the few pioneers in the industry. I truly believe in the importance of intellectual property rights, I’d be very happy to defend and protect my fellow designers who are victims of fashion piracy.


9. What is it that you hope to achieve in life?

I’m not sure. Who knows? I know there’s an ultimate goal but my life is an open book. For all you know I wanna be a pop star! Right now, I just want to focus and work hard on the present so I’ll end up becoming shockingly surprised about the future with the fruits of my labor that come along!


10. If you could change something about the fashion world, what would it be and why?

Some people take fashion for granted and it makes me sad. I’d like to change it in a way that I could encourage EVERYONE to take it seriously. It’s more than just picking up the first shirt on the shelf, at least put an effort to it and don’t be lazy! But I do respect their reasons. I’m just wondering what happened? Centuries ago, fashion mattered.


11. Do you see the the fashion world changing?

Yes, it’s changing. You see how much it evolved since Chanel discovered No. 5 and I’m actually proud of it.


12. What makes you different than other bloggers?

Maybe the fact that I do everything and nothing. And I am everything and nothing. (Hahaha!


13. Your personal fashion philosophy

Anything that you love will never go out of style.


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Check her personal fashion blog out:




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