Featured Fashionita: Ruxandra

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It’s that time of the month again, I present to you the new Featured Fashionista, Ruxandra.  Say Hello to this fashion forward beauty that currently resides in Belgium. One of the things I value very much is that Ruxandra’s outfits are never the same, she masters all kinds of fashion trends and different styles when mere mortals stick to just one type of style.

Check out her amazing blog: http://from-brussels-with-love.blogspot.mx/

1. Full Name

 Ruxandra Ioana Marinescu

2. Age

24 years old

3. Where do you live?

I live in Belgium for almost 5 years now, but I’m originally from Romania

4.  How is the style scene where you live?

I think the most appropriate word to describe the style scene here in Belgium should be “diversity”. People’s style differ from one to another and I absolutely love how everyone brings something new to the “stage”.

5. How do you stay true to your style where you live in terms of weather?

Living in Brussels can be very challenging as the weather here is most of the time rainy, but I always try to defy it and just dress as I please, as I feel, as I love.

6. Who is your style icon (or icons) and what makes you admire them?

I always loved Rihanna since she ever appeared on the screens and I watched her change with time. I don’t try to copy her look, but make it my source of inspiration, loving the fact that she always tries new styles. The most important thing I’ve learned is that attitude makes 80% of a winner-look.

7. Who are your favorite designers?

I love so many designers, but the ones worth mentioning are Alexandre Vauthier, Azzedine Alaia and Alexander McQueen. I simply adore their creations and think that they’ve revolutionized the fashion industry.

8. What is it that you hope to achieve in the fashion world?

I know I’m no designer or someone who graduated a fashion school, I’m a simple girl who just love fashion and has a big addiction for shopping, looking good, sometimes even different, so the thing I want the most has practically been achieved already. The fact that my blog is being visited by so many people which find a source of inspiration in my looks and is the best reward ever.

9. What is it that you hope to achieve in life?

They say that the most important things in life are free, so yeah, for me to have a family and the security of tomorrow is probably the most important. For the rest, I do admit that I dream of having a job within a fashion magazine. It would be a job that I would do with love, thus excelling at it.

10. If you could change something about the fashion world, what would it be and why?

I find the fashion world very snobbish, mean and competitive. So I would love for everyone to get along, have more collaborations in between and just for them to think of the grater good, producing unique items for us, the fashion lovers.

11. Do you see the the fashion world changing?

Yes, everyday, but I always see it going back to its roots as well, but adding something new to the mix every time.

12. What makes you different than other bloggers?

I think every blogger is unique in its own way, but the fact that I try so many different styles and I feel like I’m a little fashionable “chameleon”, really makes me happy. I don’t know if my looks are always pleasant to the bigger public, but I think I bring something new to all this blogging gig.

13. Your personal fashion philosophy

My philosophy is ” Dare to be different, without taking it over the top!”


So, there you have it! Check out some of Ruxandra’s awesome outfits.







Check out her amazing blog: http://from-brussels-with-love.blogspot.mx/

Check out her amazing blog: http://from-brussels-with-love.blogspot.mx/

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