Gorgeous Legs 101: Getting Your Legs Summer Ready

With winter being here, we tend to pile on more layers of clothing and pay less attention to the care of our skin. Most people feel that during these chilly months we are covered up all the time so there’s no point in shaving or taking proper care of their legs. This couldn’t be further from the truth, so let go of any or all of those types of thoughts!

Cold weather usually leads to dry, thirsty skin but, with the appropriate care, this can be avoided. Having gorgeous legs starts well before the spring and summer seasons arrive, and we are here to give you tips in achieving the best results.

Step One: Show Your Body Some Tender Loving Care


Taking proper care of your entire body is the best start to having the legs you’ve always dreamed of. If you constantly keep your body hydrated by consuming plenty of water and having a proper diet, you will see results throughout your whole body (not just your legs).

Starting here is a great way to relieve the appearance of varicose veins, enlarged and twisted veins initiated by the dysfunction of the venous valve, and cellulite in your legs. By taking care of your body from within, you will keep these conditions from getting any worse. Always, always, always hydrate your skin. Whether you use a nourishing lotion or opt for coconut oil, keeping your legs moisturized is vital for their overall look.

Step Two: The Question Isn’t Can You but Will You?


Drinking enough water and giving your body the right nutrients is just the beginning. In order to get the best results, you have to add motivation and regular exercise into your normal routine. Be active! Don’t just push your fitness goals until next year, embrace them now! By frequently working out, you are fighting off obesity, cellulite, spider veins, depression, and many other issues. With easy at home workouts, achieving gorgeous legs are just a few squats away!

Step Three: Say Goodbye to Hairy Legs!


Shaving, waxing, threading, and creams are typical ways to remove unwanted hair after it already grows, but laser hair removal solves that issue indefinitely! After just a few short sessions, you can have hairless legs without ever having to worry about it again.

If you are using the traditional way to get rid of hair (shaving), always wait until the end of your shower when your hairs are the softest. This will add to smoother skin with less irritation. Having hairless legs is just another step closer to reaching your lovely leg goals.

Step Four: Glow Baby, Glow

With winter being here, exfoliating is crucial in achieving glowing skin. With simple DIY body scrubs, polishing your skin is easier now more than ever! This step is vital because it gets rid of dead skin cells and leaves you feeling refreshed. For better results, it is best to exfoliate in the shower. Apply whatever exfoliate you choose to a loofah and scrub your legs in a circular motion. When you have finished, rinse off with warm water and don’t forget to moisturize. You have to remember that you are welcoming a new layer of skin into the world, so you want to make sure that you keep it hydrated from the very start. Coconut oil is my go-to moisturizer, even after exfoliating.

Step Five: Honey, You Are Flawless

After eating healthy, following a normal exercise routine, getting rid of stubborn hair, and appropriately taking care of your skin, what else is there to do for flawless legs? Well, a couple things actually. Since our legs have been in hiding from the cold temperatures, they have also been hiding from the sun. Applying a self-tanner is perfect for giving your legs some color and adding the necessary radiance that you’re striving for. If you have bruises, bites, cellulite, and scars that you just can’t get rid of, applying a high-coverage foundation is ideal here.

To get your legs ready for the warmer weather, you have to take the proper care of them. After following these helpful tips, you will be more confident than ever to rock your favorite shorts this spring. A summer body is created in the winter, so start now and glowing, gorgeous legs will be here before you even know it!

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