Handbags for Every Occasion

How many of you can confidently say the number of handbags you own? Or to be specific, all the places that you’ve put your handbags? The ones who can actually answer these questions will hardly cross a number. We all ladies are a big time Handbag buyers, aren’t we? But after 2 or 3 uses, those bags are kept somewhere inside your shoe boxes, closets or even at a few places where we hardly notice they’re still with us. And there are few handbags which we all love and carry them with us most of the time, irrespective of the occasion, event and even requirement. Don’t let the unwanted Handbags ruin the whole show by accompanying you on wrong times.1

Presenting a list of ‘Must-have’ handbags for every woman they will ever require to rock every occasion the Right way!

Don’t get fascinated by the designs and styles of Handbag and drag yourself into a few purchases which you’ll regret later. A complete list which fulfills your eventful requisites as far as Handbags are concerned is here! Just own them and save yourself from unwanted purchases.2

The Cross-Body Bags

The choice for a carefree outing and shopping option are these Cross-Body Bags. The added advantage is their ‘just-right’ space for your essentials. Not so large and not so shrank, these bags are the real go-to option for every woman next door. They keep your hands free and let you roam around hassle free. These Slings are the real Bling!

Tote Bags

The large rectangular shape having two carryable straps are the new cool! These Carryalls can be any girl’s happy companion for office days, brunches and casual outing. Its wrist hold will enhance your look as they are a show stealer itself. Choose some classic Leather Tote Bags for your everyday apparels and glam the look!


Usually found in a boxier design, the bag that is ever loved by women worldwide is the Satchel.  It is mostly structured and is not worn on the shoulder. By most women, It is usually carried on the arm by the elbow. The one with short handles and mail box shape is known for the vintage handbag look. You’ll have to have one of these in your closet for the days you seek spacious companions.


The Day Clutches and Night Clutches are the in vogue bags every woman should own! This is the choice of ladies who just know what goes out with them. The bag has space which is enough for a cell phone, some money and just a ‘can’t afford to lose’ cosmetic. Night Clutches have a different charm all together for the parties and formal gatherings.


For the ones who wanna ditch the backpacks and prefer weekend getaways with just the handbag, are the Weekender lovers. These bags are perfect for night outs and such weekend plans. Few clothes and routine essentials go well packed in them and you’re ready to roll.

Each occasion and event demand a new go-to handbag, and once you own above-mentioned list of Handbags, your outings are sorted. Visit Shopper Stop for distinct varieties and styles of Handbags those suit your needs.

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