Hot Fashion Tips for Broad Shoulder Women

Actually in broad shoulders, women appear to have a classic body feature with an inverted triangle body-shape. This doesn’t mean women with other body shapes including apple, rectangle, hourglass and pear shaped are relieved from this feature.

I have seen how most of the women feel self-conscious about the their wide shoulders, which creates a disproportionate to their hips.

The trick is to flatter and flaunt your best assets, which will automatically shift the attention from the flaw areas. For instance, if you’ve strong and tall legs then you can carry something that flaunts your beautiful limbs and if you have a slim waist then you can go for outfits that highlight your curves.

This is the first on how to dress broad shoulders. If you have slim thighs and great legs then irrespective of your height, short dresses can look extremely cute and adorable on your body. While picking knee-length or sort dresses, focus on the cut that flaunts your curves making your waist look tiny and cute. The dress should have flares flowing downwards.

No matter whether it’s regular or party wear, do not overlook the sleeve and neck design as the trick actually lies here. Do not go for boat neck designs, floret arm designs and no shoulder pads please. Instead, let the silhouette do the talking. You can also pick dresses with asymmetrical skirt.
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