How To Post

Posting on our Fashion Blog

For the Fashionista on the Go –
Activity Streams are a similar concept to Recent Activity in Facebook. You can use activity streams to follow activity sitewide, or just for your friends, and to track @username mentions of their username.

The Activity text box is where you can provide a quick status update directly onto your activity stream — works similar to posting an update in Facebook or Twitter. You can use it to tell others what you are currently doing, ask a question that other community members will see or share helpful tips.

Posting an update is as simple as:

  1. Write your update
  2. Click Post Update

How @username Mentions Activity page works

@ in front of a member’s username is a unique identifier for that person that you can type into any message. That user will be sent a notification and a link to to where it was used. This feature is similar to @replies in Twitter.

Sorting and filtering listings on your Activity page

The Activity page lists the 25 most recent updates per page. On the right hand side of each activity page you can sort and filter the Activities listings on that page.

Filter options are:
Everything – this is the default option and shows all activities
Updates – displays just members updates
Posts – displays list of recent blog posts
Comments – displays recent blog comments
Friendships – displays newly created friendships between members
New Members

About the Blog

Are you a fashion enthusiasts who enjoys writing critiques, or commentary, about fashion trends and styles? If so, you can write blog post in addition to posting on your Activity stream!

Rules Regarding What You Can Post to the Blog

  1. Any photos that contain nudity or are offensive in nature will be deleted (from the Blog and/or Activity stream).
  2. Outfits must be clearly visible.
  3. If an outfit is partially obstructed, or the photo is blurry, of poor quality, or the subject fails to be the prime focus of the photo, it will be deleted at the discretion of our moderators.
  4. All photos/posts have to be fashion related
  5. DO NOT post commercial ads or any form of spam. ALL commercial ads and spam will be deleted by our moderators.
  6. DO NOT post photos that are copyrighted.
  7. Photos of children under the age of 13 ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  8. The posts have to include text and or photos. If the posts are clearly meant to spam they will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned from the website.
  9. If a post is meant to promote a certain product, the post must include an article in regards of how to style that type of product.
  10. If you wish to include a direct link in your post, you must include more than ONE direct link and to different websites. Posts that are used to promote specifically one website will be deleted.

ABOUT TAGS:  Tags work much the same as the hashtag on Twitter.  However, you do not need to place the #infrontofeverything.  You can also place a space between your words.  In order to not give Google the impression that we’re spamming the search engines, we encourage you to limit the number of tags you’re using in your post (2 to 5). Also, when possible, select from existing tags.  By using existing tags you’ll help to create a better search experience.

ABOUT PHOTOS:If you’re uploading an image from an iPhone chances are that your image will appear sideways.  This is due to the camera settings in your iPhone.

Most importantly — Have FUN!  And let Members know what you think of their Drop Dead Diva Outfits; Comment, Love (or not), and Share!