How To Take Boot Measurements

Does the idea of shopping for boots online give you hives? How tall will they be? Will they be too tight on my calf? Will they be too loose on my calf? Etc etc. Well, my dear readers, I am going to show you exactly how to take your boot measurements so that you may shop with confidence and know just what you are getting.

To begin with, on the product boot page there is a section entitled “details”. This is the area that you want to make special note of. All of your information about the boot measurements that you need will be listed here. If it isn’t, then move on and shop somewhere else. You can’t possibly know what you are getting if the information has not been listed. Now grab a tape measure and let’s get measuring.


There are four areas that you will want to know the measurements of that should be listed in the details.

  • Calf Circumference (the widest part of the boot)
  • Ankle Circumference (the narrowest part of the boot)
  • Shaft Height (measured from the bottom of the foot to the top of the boot)
  • Heel Height (measured up the center side of the heel up to where it meets the sole of the boot)


To find your measurements and to figure out exactly how the boot will fit you take the following measurements on yourself.

  • For your calf circumference measure around the widest part of your calf. A wide calf is considered 16″ or more and a narrow calf is anything less than 13¾”
  • For your ankle circumference measure around your ankle on the ankle bone
  • To determine where the shaft height will hit you, stand on the ground barefoot and measure from the base of your foot to where the top of the boot will hit. For example, if the shaft is listed as 23 inches, you would measure 23 inches up your leg from the base of your foot and this is where the boot will hit. I have added a basic guide below to show where each boot type will approximately hit. Keep in mind that it will vary based on your height.
  • To determine the heel height lift your heel up the number of inches listed on the details page. In general a flat is 0″- ¾”, a low heel is 1″- 1¾”, a medium heel is 2″- 2¾”, a high heel is 3″- 4″, and an ultra high heel is anything over 4″.


boot measurements

Now that you are armed with the correct way to take boot measurements, you can confidently make your purchase and know exactly how they will fit. Happy shopping.


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