Iconic Alexander McQueen Scarves Defines Creation of Artistic Beauty in Miniature

Art has got a long drawn relation with fashion, and it has been proved over the years, how both these disciplines merged together fusing the beauty of both into one. This mixing of art and fashion has come up with some brilliant result in various sections, specifically in the dresses. However, the intrusion of art has left no single section from influencing. Be it the winter caps, the fashionable scarves, or even the shorts, art has always been a complementing fashion in all senses. All the renowned brands have always tried to bring some story in their designs and depict in miniature of their evolution. Similarly, Alexander McQueen has teamed up with Damien Hirst to celebrate the anniversary of their signature skull scarf. There have been thirty limited edition designs which will appear on all the scarves. Hirst has a knack of etymology painting, and all the print in these scarves have the impressions of butterflies, bugs, spiders, and other insects from the kaleidoscopic geometric shapes. The main motif of McQueen skull scarves are well depicted by these paintings and the collaboration has taken the entire piece to the aesthetic level. The mutual love that they have shown in between symmetrical design and a penchant for the dark side of nature have been beautifully portrayed in all these scarves.

Alexander McQueen has always been notorious for the skull motif that he has put on most of the products, and Damien Hirst has always been considered to be the father of all types of skull paintings. So while people saw the Alexander McQueen scarves on sale they could only think of how the partnership is apt to celebrate the iconic motif in the best of the artistic sense. The intertwining art and fashion sense has been together for long, and such collaborations are abundant in the society, irrespective of the size of business. But such a beautiful collaboration has never been celebrated before and the entire world of fashion industry looks forward to it with great awe.

The choice of Mr. Hirst in crafting these designs are perfectly appropriate since a major portion of his work has focused on life and death. Fitting right into the place, the artist’s more famous pieces is a Platinum skull that has been encrusted with diamonds and contains human teeth. Even they haven’t left out the promotion of these scarves as well. A small video has even been shot to promote the releases of this particular collection, where three models, each of whom wears the same printed scarf, covering up the faces. The entire brand has even engaged themselves in multiple social media pages, which acts as an effective medium to promote all the items in the Alexander McQueen scarves outlet.

Alexander McQueen is not just a brand that flaunts its luxury collection and launches a new artist by working in collaboration with them. Any new signing is definitely an eventful incident both for the artists and even the brand, but just harnessing on it might not work out always. The simplest example can be sighted through the event of the launching of the limited edition Balloon Venus bottle in the New Year Fashion week which was almost after two years of collaboration. McQueen has even realized how collaborating with the contemporary artists can re-position the brand’s image and bring in a new appeal to the entire group of youngsters while the limited availability products keep drawing the loyal customers for years.

It has been one complete decade that the skull scarves have been ravaging the fashion industry, and adding the factors like exclusivity and collectivity to the entire line of products was a great move in celebrating the anniversary of skull scarves. Damien Hirst is still one of the key contemporary artists who has had an extremely successful foray into the consumer products, and hence, his approach towards portraying the modern art brings in the difference. The reason why the brand has particularly chosen the silk scarves is to offer simplicity and a matter of giving the customers what they actually want. All their silk products have been the symbol of easy accessibility and popularity from the house and they want all their customers to celebrate the concept of Savage Beauty.

Alexander McQueen scarves on sale

Fashion designing has its own sense of progress, and it might or might not depend on what kind of techniques that is being followed. It is the free flow of skill set that lets the imaginative faculty come down the line and come up with creative ideas that end up in setting trends. How long will these trends sustain depends completely on the strength and the creative cult of the designers? Most of the brands have always pre-set their customers and hence plan for their new product. Although the journey of Alexander McQueen scarves has been of long ten years, they need to keep changing along with the demands. They have realized how change remains to be the only constant thing in life and hence tries their best to cope up with it.

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