It’s Still Better To Sleep Naked

Hello, my loves! I am very happy to see that Haute2Wear has been growing considerably in the past few months. This website has been my babe and I am very happy to see so many amazing fashion bloggers from around the world contribute to this growing community. That being said, let’s get down to business.

I had no effing idea that November is national sleep comforter month (I thought November was reserved for Thanksgiving, I have been deceived!) Sleeping is one of my all time favorite things to do, so when I found out that a new company called Casper was doing a beauty sleep style challenge, I was ecstatic! Casper is dedicated to creating amazing mattresses to help you get amazing ZzzZz….

Check them out

Fun Fact: Ashton Kutcher is an investor (most of the reason I agreed to this post, JK)

The things is ladies and gentlemen is that I am currently studying abroad in Salamanca, Spain. Salamanca is a small college town about two hours from Madrid that is famous for it’s 1 euro shots and epic student life (hence the exchange program I did). The thing about Salamanca is that it’s bloody cold. Coming from San Diego, real winter weather is something I am not familiar with. Living a student life abroad includes sacrificing some of the usual luxuries, like using the heater all night, so layering is my friend.

Below is what I use for summer when I was back home in San Diego (sigh)


I am a very huge Beyonce fan. After seeing her four times this year (yes i am crazy) I bought tons of tour t-shirts so I use them all the time to sleep since they’re big and boxy and super comfortable. I tend to use Pink and Victoria’s Secret shorts for sleeping in summer since I sleep in very weird positions I don’t want to accidently flash anybody who dares to enter my room when I am asleep. I bought this amazing robe from H&M here in Spain that is shown here but in red, I used it when I went to Lisbon, Barcelona and Madrid and the weather was decent. I tend to walk around barefoot all the time but I got this horrible summer cold so I decided to break out my favorite Minnie Mouse slippers (so chic)

What I wear here in Salamanca and when it’s “cold” in San Diego


I know I run a fashion website, I know I have to be on my A game 24 hours a day.

Regardless, I will never drop the onesie.

Here is something you need to know about me, when it comes to sleeping (alone) it’s always comfort over fashion. If i’m ever in the presence of somebody else I obviously wear something like the Pink onesie and prance around looking cute, it’s never the case though. As of late I have been wearing as much as I possibly can, the Navy Beer Adult Male Onesie my dad got me from Macy’s. It is uber warm and I look fierce wearing it (lies). Whenever I wear the flimsy PINK onesies or leggings I tend to get whichever sweatshirt I have lying around.

No matter which continent i’m in or what the weather is like, this is my salvation.


Seriously, bae.

Love and Stilettos,



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